Petition: Dog Park on the Beach Experiment!

at The BeachProject 11561 would like to make a section of our public beaches dog friendly during off season months.

We would like to make this a Win, Win for both the City and the dogs and their faithful owners. We as a group have been studying what has worked in other municipalities surrounding us, for example 8th Avenue Dog Beach in Asbury Park, NJ, the Village of Ocean Beach in Fire Island, NY, and Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, CA.

Dog’s on the beach would require a seasonal permit, an additional fee for non-residents, and only dogs current on their tags would be allowed. This will ulitmately increase the registration of dog in the City of Long Beach, NY.

Based on 250 local dogs @ $25 and 50 non-resident dogs @ $75, this could give the city $10,000 additional income which could be used for local animal control and shelters.

Many of us, after an early romp on the beach, grab coffee or breakfast in the business district with our furry friends, thus bringing  in additional revenue.

As a group, we can work with the City to make this a great part of Long Beach. We ask for your support!

SIGN THE PETITION HERE: Long Beach, NY – Dog Park on the Beach Experiment!

69 Replies to “Petition: Dog Park on the Beach Experiment!”

  1. Not sure do owners have demonstrated that they can pick up after their dogs as it is, let alone on the beach.

    I don’t know. Maybe select a beach on the east end and let them give it a try sometime after November

  2. I like the idea. The Village of Atlantic Beach allows dogs on the beach in the office season. (although no permit required)

    While I am very sensitive to the two posters before me about some people being fearful (while I do own two dogs — as a child I was bitten by a dog and as an adult, I have my fair share of dog ‘situations’ just walking along the street)…. I think the beach doesn’t present any more of a fearful situation to those than just being in your neighborhood – walking with friends, riding a bicycle, etc.

    Dog owners need to be sensitive to others and how they feel about dogs. Dog owners need to be responsible and ensure their dogs are secured on leashes and that they pick up after their dogs. (I know there has been opposition about this in the past only due to dog waste – but I assure you – birds and other animal life are going on our beaches as well!)

    My dogs love the beach. It helps drain their energy in a way that a long walk doesn’t. I would love to see some controlled test of allowing dogs on the beach.

  3. Do you want go with experience or an experiment? Everybody’s experience has been the dog owners will not pick up the shit left behind by their animals.

    Do you see what I did there?

  4. Bungalow Lover has it right. Sensitivity and responsibility required. How many people are really on the beach in the off season, not many. I say we go with it for a fee. Much better than going on the beach and worried about getting ticketed as I have in the past. Which brings up another sore spot. All the people walking their dogs on the boardwalk and the cops don’t do a damn thing, as usual.
    Thought dogs on the boardwalk are illegal. I’ve witnessed to many times cops ignoring these violations.

  5. I feel conflicted about this idea, but they fence in dog parks so though who are afraid won’t really be affected.

    I like the idea, but know that when you give people an inch they will take a mile. I predict people won’t pick up after their dogs, they will use it as an excuse to be on the rest of the beach or board walk “Cut me some slack, I’m on my way to the dog park”

  6. I would glove this idea because I am a dog owner however I am not so selfish and I ackwoledge the concerns here. I walk my dog and there is dog waste every where! Someone walks their dog on my block and allows their dog to go on my property and do not pick it up (its happened 3-4 times) were actually getting cameras now. My dogs rarely poo on walks but they go in my little yard (Gross I know) but soon as their paws hit the sand they can go instantly! As a dog owner I am willing to be apart of a group that monitors the strip of beach chosen to help pick up after irresponsible owners (because unfortunately we will ALWAYS have a few its life). Im not saying to police the area as im not in to confrontation but extra hands to deal with waste. Now as far as safety for non dog owners that may be afraid…we can fence in the area depending where it is or those ppl can not frequent the beach near the propsed dog run (yes yes I know thats unfair so fencing is better). Now to deal with the people that absolutely will use this inch to take a mile they need to be fined! Another win for City! Dogs should not be on our boardwalk when they waste it smears and that is just not appropriate for our beautiful boardwalk.

  7. Give it a shot. People are afraid of dogs? Stay away from the dog park. Some people are afraid of the ocean. You want to dry that up?

  8. Bad idea. Build a dog park elsewhere in Long Beach. This will be ripe with abuse. Everyone from 20 surrounding towns will have dogs on the beach, dogs on the boardwalk. no leashes, no enforcement, no clean up. And do you really think the Long Beach Police Department is going to enforce dog rules? Are we really going to have an officer patrol the beach looking at dog tags and permits? There are so many more important things they should be doing and don’t even do those. $10,000 is not revenue. By Long Long Beach government standards it’s not even money you bend down to pick up. This will be total chaos. I’m in favor of a dog park/run somewhere but not the beach.

  9. If you love the idea, I’ll assume you’re a dog owner. Please offer a thought out response. What would be the appropriate fine for (a) unleashed dogs, (b) not cleaning up after your dog (c) dogs on the boardwalk. Who should enforce the law (if it is a law). Would you be opposed to posted signage stating the rules? If a jogger or someone with a toddler feels uncomfortable or intimidated by an aggressive unleashed dog on the beach should the Long Beach Police be called? Is this a good use of the Long Beach City Court? What if a person were to get bit, would it be OK to sue the City for agreeing to a change in rules if the City proved negligent in enforcement?

  10. @Unsustainable – there’s dog parks all over the country in places more densely populated than LB. Stop. You sound like the people who were saying SoBikes would ruin the boardwalk because of some LBucket of nonsense logic that it would lead to too many accidents, blah blah blah – or the people that said renting a surfboard would turn the beach into a graveyard for inexperienced surfers.

  11. I’m not opposed to a dog park somewhere, although I don’t know where on the beach it would make sense to put it. I certainly wouldn’t want it at the end of my block because even the most successfully run dog parks can be pretty gross. That being said, I am strongly opposed to the registration fee model. Why do we need to bring paperwork and fees into this? The $10,000 estimate included in the article wouldn’t put a dent into bureaucratic costs. Build the dog beach, let the dogs run around. That’s it. We don’t need to pay some politician’s son or daughter to “maintain the annual dog park registration accounts”.

  12. I am afraid of loose dogs- most people who take their dog to the beach let them run loose
    who will be policing the beach to see if the owner has a permit??
    I was taking a walk on the beach during a snowstorm last winter.
    2 woman were walking/playing with their pit bull dog- not on a leash
    I stopped and yelled that I was afraid of loose dogs but they didn’t really do much to ease my fear. the most peaceful afternoon was ruined by this dog. the 2 woman and myself were the only people on the beach. I had to keep telling them I was afraid of the dog, they eventually walked in the other direction.
    and not to mention dog crap all over the beach- so many people don’t clean up after their dog on the street, the beach will just give them more reason to not pick up after the dog

  13. @westendtom. I don’t care about, nor did I mention other parts of the country. Not sure what bearing it has on the conversation. I have no idea what, if anything, population density has to do with the discussion so I’m mot sure why you bring ti up. Bicycles, buckets(?), and surfing graveyards, and implied nonsense logic? Try to stay focused. Try to a little logic yourself. I did mention, fines, policing/enforcement, lack of real revenue, potential for lawsuits, safety, cleanliness, and supporting a dog park elsewhere in the city.

  14. Bring your animals to crap on a public beach used by children. You people are nuts.

    But I guess this just further illustrates the class of people we have in this community. Manhasset we ain’t.

  15. @Unsustainable – I am focused. I’m focused on the fact that every time something new gets discussed: dog parks, sobikes, rental surf boards, food trucks – the CAVE people come out in droves – and your comments are an example of that.

    You don’t care about other parts of the country? Too bad.

    The fact is dog parks have worked everywhere they’re instituted- because you choose to ignore and not acknowledge that, doesn’t mean people should do the same. In fact, comparing neighborhood initiatives to other places where they’ve been done, is the benchmark for how to make it work in other places.

  16. Sandra B. – I completely understand your first comment and am sensitive to it. However, are you under the belief that birds, surf rats and other rodents, stray cats etc (and sadly – humans) do not poop on the beach now?

  17. Sandra B is also against children in the ocean since sharks, stingrays and portuguese men of war are there, right? And they can’t leave their house because cars, guns, etc.

  18. I commend all of you for the civility of the debate. With that said, I love dogs and my dog has been trained to clean up after himself (HA!) just like my kids do. Enough humor. The thing that bothers me is the fact that in California, the most eco sensitive state in the world, dogs are always welcome on the beaches without permits required. It’s simply a way of life. And, the way of life included respecting the beach and cleaning up after your pet. The offseason provides enough space to let the dogs have their fun. During the season how about creating a fenced area on laurelton? It’s the quietest beach we have. Let’s try it and give the dog owners what is common to most municipalities. The key phrase is “common to other municipalities.” I don’t look at this as anything other than a routine convenience that other towns offer. Enforcing laws is a different debate and that should be addressed at the same time as this facilty’s creation.
    Just my opinion.

  19. Okay, okay, let me temper my comments a bit.

    The beach belongs to Long Beach taxpayers. They should use it as they see fit. In my early years, that was permitted. We spent all night on the beach, we brought dogs on the beach and we built huge bonfires. We even drank beer on the beach. In the early morning hours a few of us drove our Jeeps on the beach.

    Unfortunately, if the City sees fit to charge a “dog fee” it will take on some responsibility and get sued by some of the Long Beach miscreant. One City Councilwoman who makes a living with these kind of suits comes to mind. And she’s followed by scores of others.

    The libertarian that I am sees nothing wrong with the people using their beach as they see fit. Let the City saddle the dog owner with the responsibility for bites, panic, ill reactions and it’s fine with me.

    Yet i still find the thought of a one-year-old on Memorial Day digging through Fi-Fi’s turds a bit disturbing.

  20. No, no, and hell no. Like someone already said, people will come from all around to use this dog area. Then people will want a small dog area and a large dog area. And people will walk their dogs and say, I am just going to dog beach. Then, where will this beach be? I hope the west end is not even considered. Put the park down by water street or down by the old incinerator area. Please leave the beach the way it is. It’s bad enough dogs are out there in the winter. And when would this off season be? Oct, Nov until when April, May. Lets not open this door.

  21. I don’t stay off the beach when I’m running on it. But I generally don’t run on the beach because I run marathons and it’s not the best for your legs.

    I think the dog park should have a fence. A dog park without a fence isn’t really a park.

  22. It’s also worth noting that putting a dog park in Long Beach is hardly comparable to putting a dog park in California. I’ve seen a couple of dog parks in Cali, most notably the one in Ocean Beach, San Diego. This was a great facility, with tons of happy dogs running around, and undoubtedly a public good. (Also, no permits necessary, but I won’t go on that jag again) The huge difference between that beach and Long Beach is the space available. California has way more beachfront to work with. The OB dog beach was not smack in the middle of one of the most visited beaches in the area. It was off to the side, running alongside an inlet. I struggle to think of an area on our beach that this would be achievable. It’s also the same reason most beaches are free in Cali and we have to pay to access ours. Simple Economics. The beach fees balance demand with supply (or attempt to, you couldn’t pay me to hang out anywhere between riverside and laurelton during the summer). A quick statistic: California has roughly twice the number of people living there as we do in New York state, yet they have almost 7 times more coastline measured in miles. People need to understand these factors when they start demanding municipal facilities. We live in the shadow of one of the biggest metropolis’ in the world. Space is not an unlimited resource.

    TL;DR: Dogs are great and they should be able to run around, but we have limited space to work with. Not everyone is entitled to whatever facilities they want at the end of their block.

  23. I like the idea of permits for off season, and it is well presented. So good luck. But I do have to say, I believe too many people get dogs and dont think about owning a dog in this environment. it is either a huge burden on yourself or unfair to the dog. (even if you think you walk your dog enough im sure you know inside its still not enough). So yeh you need more parks, but guess what… maybe you shouldnt own a dog in this environment.

  24. @Andrew – too many people get a dog or a cat and don’t view it the way they do adopting a child. Many people aren’t ready for to care for the animal for its entire life. It’s pathetic.

  25. Fantastic idea! I’m in! I have a dog an always clean up after him so a few idiots shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of us.

    Is the proposal just for a designated beach or would a large area be fenced in w hurricane fencing or some other form or temporary fencing? I think a large fenced in area is the best way to appease the most people.

  26. To liberals r scum. Keep your dogs by your house. The west end is polluted enough with dogs and bars and Irish day garbage How about no dogs lowed on ocean view where it stinks like the Bowery in the summer and off the beach. At least they r finally cleaning up the Bowery. Not here in the west end

  27. to that I’ll just say this….East Atlantic Beach. It’s open to dogs in the off season. Smaller than LB and just as convenient to get to from elsewhere. and yet, no problems.

  28. It would make it easier for people who are afraid of dogs. If there is a specific area where people could bring their dogs and know they ran no risk of being ticketed THAT’S where they would go. All anybody who wanted to avoid dogs would have to do is avoid that one specific area.

  29. This is a stupid idea. Dog crap and pee causes bacterial diseases. Its disgusting to have a dog crapping outside. Dog owners should be required to put diapers on their dogs or walk them inside their homes.

  30. Remember, if this passes, the first dog attack from this “park” – the victim is going to sue the City, and win easily. The City is sanctioning this park for dogs, and everyone knows the leash rules will be ignored and not enforced by the police – so if someone gets attacked by a loose dog from this park, they will sue the dog owner AND the City and win easily. There is going to be a huge litigation exposure from this to taxpayers if the City allows it.

  31. That’s never going to be enforced. Once you say “this beach is open for dogs” – that’s going to be the signal that the entire beach is open for dogs. What do you think, there are going to be police there constantly making sure the dogs don’t “cross the line” from “dog beach” to other sections? Are you serious, we can’t even stop people from walking onto the beach without paying.

  32. The issue I have with this is that I see some very dangerous breeds walking around long beach – which scares me. I am a dog owner and am still opposed. I really don’t trust people to control their dogs. If there was some sort of ban on aggressive breeds then I would at least have some level of comfort.

  33. I’m for dogs in the off season. It’s cold and not too many people on th beach. No dogs in summer season. Fee/permit keeps the nonresident dogs away, especially if you add a fine.

  34. Who among us doesn’t enjoy walking Barefoot on sand and Dog Shit?

    In ancient China, the Excrement from Cashew-Fed Shar Peis was used as a exfoliant for royalty.

    I smell a new business opportunity.

  35. Aggressive breeds? Dangerous breeds? How about aggressive DOGS-the owners definitely know if they have an aggressive dog and should have the common sense and decency to keep them leashed. Having been to dog parks in Bay Park, Nickerson and Wantagh, I’ve seen numerous breeds of dogs behaving aggressively but not what most consider “aggressive breeds”: grey hounds, Boston terriers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, numerous fluffy mixed breeds. My own son and nephew bitten by a (the same) black Lab who was a beloved family pet raised from puppyhood…but the 2 rescued pitbulls currently part of my extended family, and the Staffordshire Terriers we’ve had through the years, have all been gentle. playful, easy going dogs, trusted to behave at dog parks and at home with many young children. I’d love to see dogs legally on our beach-one of our pitbulls actually surfs, but do agree that irresponsible owners of dogs of any breed that cannot be trusted off leash make this a concern.

  36. Gimme a break! @sandra.B Your closed mind is an embarrassment to yourself. We have plenty of families with children on our beach that parade small children in pampers and without, thinking it’s ok to have them Pee or leave the pamper behind for someone else to clean-up. Just like we have animal control zooming up and down the beach now, they could be regulating owners that don’t curb dogs etc. We aren’t inventing the wheel here. A section of the beach should be allowed to have pets on it. Just as much as humans can use it. We have bad parents as much as we have bad dog owners. People need to care more as a whole about this community and it starts with respecting each other’s lifestyles.

  37. Hmm what are we paying Animal Control for? Or is their job only to tread as fast as that truck could go up and down the beach daily, their primary job?! They should focus on dog owners that don’t curb their pets and fining them for not having dogs on a leash in designated areas.

  38. If you want to stop the dog park, just have the council form a committee and pay someone from out of town a few million to conduct a dog party study.

  39. Pla M – I have seen bottom-less children squat and poop and parents leave it there.

    And again, what about all of the stray cats in Long Beach that use the beach as their litterbox? Seagulls, Oyster Catchers and surf rats and rodents are crapping all over the beach whilst we sleep. It’s nature, folks. This is the great outdoors and wildlife are going to defecate and urinate all over the beach…..

    Dog feces carry far less toxic waste than CATS – whose fecal matter are toxic to pregnant women – and the cat problem in Long Beach is HUGE…. I am sure they are pooping and burying as we speak.

  40. I should continue: I am NOT okay with owners letting their animals defecate on the beach and leave it there. I would like to see a CONTROLLED area that is specifically for the dog park. Limit access and limit the area….therefore containing any contaminants that may happen.

  41. if this happens a better proposal is for the entire beach to be open so not one specific area is overrun and thos particular residents nearbye effected. thats the way atlantic beach does it. spread it out, feel less effect.

  42. All over the country, people have dogs on the beaches. When visiting relatives in South Carolina, not only are their dogs on the beach, there are children there as well. Everyone gets along, and no one freaks out like you.

    And the beaches? Open to the public and no passes required.

    Are the people of LB so used to the excessive rules and regulations that they are automatically against everything? Judging by your post, I guess so.

    One other thing, loser. Move to your precious North Shore. But lookout for the dogs that are allowed on some of their beaches.

  43. “Are you serious, we can’t even stop people from walking onto the beach without paying.”
    Following this logic we should just let everyone on the beach for free.

  44. As of 7PM, Sept 1…1716 for dogs on the beach, 27 against. Yes, the against just started their petition today and have 27 signators….When pro petition was started, 1500 signatures in the first day…I think the ayes have it…Let’s allow and move on to more improtant topics, like voting out the current city management that is ruining our city.

  45. Here is the thing as I see it. A while back a section of Nassau Beach was opened to dog owners. I am a dog owner. The main problem was people thinking it was not necessary to pick up after their dog which is disgusting. Would you leave a dirty diaper on your child? The secondary problem is some people have never bothered to train their dog properly so that even the smallest dog can be ill mannered and ill behaved. Look at their kids and I am betting they are the same. My dog is a well-trained, well mannered dog. He was taken for much training and I clean up not only after my dog but if I see another dogs’ business on the ground if I have an extra bag I pick up. Having said all that if you are too darn lazy to bend over and pick up after your dog and throw it in the trash you are the reason that no one wants your dog (or mine because of you) on the beach. It’s not the dog’s fault it’s yours.

  46. Thank you Nancy ny woman for your comment, we keep hearing from dog owners that we hate dogs. NOT true, just the lazy owners. Also don’t want a strange unleashed dog running up to me while walking on the beach. Keep the beach clean NO “shitty by the sea”

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