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  1. Yes this is the biggest bone of contention and although im a dog lover and want this I totally understand. I hope we can work this out to suit as many as possible.

  2. The liability factor is the main consideration. Whether it’s a child getting sick from playing in dog waste contaminated sand, or a dog bite, the taxpayers will be on the hook. The estimated $10,000 in fees will be a spit in the bucket compared to the size of the lawsuits.
    If it’s true that Atlantic Beach and Nickerson Beach allow dogs, why not go there?

  3. I hope people understand that birds, possums, racoons and cats waste on the beach all year around. Kids can get sick from that as well. But I know dog poop all over the beach will be a problem. I wonder what the other communities do to control this because EAB has a very clean beach.

  4. I really believe it’s a win win situation. Some of the issues raised in these comments seem to me to be a little nitpicking. Many dog owners are responsible individuals who pick up after their dogs and care about the areas they frequent. The main point is that this will be only allowed during off season. Maybe the off season time for allowance of dogs should be from October 1-April 30. Traditionally beach goers will continue to come to the beach through September even though “Beach Park” officially closes Labor Day. I believe there is common ground that this can work. We all know it’s impossible to keep everyone happy all the time so let’s make most people happy the majority of time.

  5. @ West End Tom… If the City Of Long Beach allows dogs on the beach, we are open to law suits. We, as in us, the taxpayers.
    Don’t we have enough lawsuits in the pipeline?

  6. Because once the City approves dog beach, they are responsible for policing it. Everyone knows it won’t be policed – one unleashed dog that attacks someone, the victim will sue both that dog owner and the City for not policing the leash requirement that was part of approving dog beach. And if god forbid that dog kills a child for example, the suit is 8 figures.

  7. @Sam – New York and nearly every state holds the owner responsible for dog attacks. It’s called a “dog bite statute” if you’re interested in Googling.

    Your logic is flawed at best – because LB allows dogs to be walked outside, if it bit a child, is LB responsible for that bite since dogs can be walked?

    It’s amazing you’re not out there getting petitions signed to have playground equipment removed – because if a child gets hurt there, well then the city would be responsible and sued for everything it’s worth, right?

  8. @Richard – I don’t agree. Dog owners are responsible for their dogs under a “dog statute.” If you’re seriously that concerned, please Voice equal concern to the non-hypothetical skatepark, athletic programs, surf camps, family swim at the rec center, Ocean swimming, Irish Day, carnivals, playgrounds, and all the other city sponsored or city approved events that carry risk.

  9. @ West End Tom… There’s a big difference between the behavior of dogs and people.

    As for sidewalks, the city, us taxpayers, can be held responsible under certain circumstances.

    If you care to hear more, I’ll be glad to meet with you and Anthony and fill you in..

  10. We do not need dogs on the beach. People are slobs. Look at the trash strewn all over. This mindset will lead to dogsh#%t and urine on benches, dune walkover railings, walls, etc. Of course not every dog owner is guilty, but why invite yet another thing to cause a problem. I think it’s safe to say we WILL see a percentage of dogsh#%t and urine wet railings. There will be a percentage of out-of-towners as well as locals that show no civic mindedness. Why should anyone have to accept a certain percentage of it at all? A certain percentage will absolutely not use a leash. A certain percentage will be aggressive. Why the hell should any jogger or anyone letting a toddler walk freely have to feel cause for concern? Should we really need to be concerned with microbial and parasitic diseases? No dogs and you have no problem. It doesn’t matter to me if I have to sue the City or sue the dog owner or sue the damn dog. It’s absolutely ridiculous to allow this. Long Beach is turning into a dumping ground of ill conceived ideas. Build a dog park somewhere else.

  11. I just signed it. Don’t have a dog but some of you people with your negativity sent me looking to sign up. Dogs need a place to play and run and they already go to the beach anyway. Give em some place they can call their own.

  12. If they can do it, we should be able to do so as well. Why should folks from LB have to leave LB? They and other communities must have handled the liability questions suitably and so can we. A first step is to have all dog owners sign a statement on their permit applications that the City of Long Beach is not liable for any injury or illness caused by any dog or dog waste products on “Dog Beach.” Similar signs could be posted in the off season by the ramp to the beach, on the City website & other appropriate places notifying the general public of the same. The lawyers can help with the language.

  13. since every dog is supposed to be registered with the town. How about you also submit the dogs DNA So when people don’t pick up after the dogs they can figure out who did it and fine them. They do this in a lot
    Of communities. They actually have a company that does all the work. This should be done now. All I see walking around town are piles of dog crap not picked up

  14. “Give em some place they can call their own”. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh. I think if the dogs build it themselves then they will have a real sense of ownership. How about a dog garden with a gazing ball? You know, some place where dogs can sit, meditate, and do a bit of quiet reflection.

  15. There is already an existing dog run up by the skate park and boat launch ramp. Nice view of the bay. Parking. Its fenced with two large shade trees, benches, and even a plastic bag dispenser for picking up droppings.

  16. Well, I’ve mixed views on the dog park, but I’m REALLY WOWED by the number who’ve signed the petition. Can we get people to be just as interested in the $140 million i-star tax giveaway that the city council is supporting, so they show up at the September 10 primary and November election to clean house? This give-away will directly affect every taxpayer in their pocket. Sort of like a dog park will affect LB.

  17. @The Thorn. You must be new in town. Long Beach is, for the most part, a dumb city. $140M i_star, $200M FEMA hospital funds to Oceanside, it goes on an on. These petitions can be viewed as a litmus test for the stupidity of LB’ers. Look around you. There is no sense of aesthetic. There is no rhyme of reason to city projects other than to win votes. People dine on streets inhaling car exhaust and siting among garbage bags. This is a pretty classless dumb place. A dog park and a skate park is what inspires people. Try a petition for something like Theatre in the Park and you’re sure to garner signature as the non compos mentis will think it’s a dog show in a dog park.

  18. @drich. The school budget yes votes are a different story. Those are the people who are employed by the district and their extended families. The same goes for City expenditures. City government is grossly bloated but if you’re a city employee, why should you care when your raises outpace taxes? This is why this City is a joke. Residents are just too dumb to figure this out. Come on, people think a fictitious $10K dog park revenue stream is a problem solver. Ask them what percentage of their taxes goes to paying health care benefits and pensions of policeman that used to work for LB and they look at you as if you had two heads. Ask how much City employees pay into their pension fund and their brain begins to melt. Tell them the City will collect $5 from out-of-towners to use the skate park and they’ll bow to the financial genius of the idea. Of course we can’t keep doing what we’re doing, but in the meantime, 2,000 people will rally around letting dogs on the beach. Morons want the police to enforce dog shit fines. How about having the police put an end to all the shootings, gangs, and drug dealing first.The people who took the NY rising buyout will have the last laugh.

  19. I still think a dog park on the beach off season is a bad idea. On this FB page I started a petition against it: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Keep-the-Dogs-Off-of-Our-Beach-LB-NY/610003135807185

    One of the dog owners told me the existing dog run in LB is infested with fleas. Also she feels the run is too small.

    She feels a petition to the City to have the existing dog run completely revamped may be the way forward. Perhaps the dog owners could get their heads together and provide a list of improvements they’d like to see implemented to make the existing dog park a safe environment for their pets?

    Btw just because someone is against dogs on the beach doesn’t mean they automatically dislike dogs. When I was a kid there were always dogs in our home. Family weekends were spent attending dog shows in the tri state area.

    My mother raised the entry fees for the shows by working in a dog grooming shop. Eventually she & a partner started their own dog obedience school.

    In the late 1990’s I worked with other volunteers to help catch feral cats in the Baldwin area. We’d bring them to a free clinic were they were neutered and vaccinated against feline leukemia before being released.

    It’s disheartening how quickly posters on this forum make generalizations about people they don’t personally know and slap a label on them.

  20. I took Thorn’s comment as saying “wake up” and get as interested in something much more important than a dog run (not that there’e anything wrong with being interested in getting dog run). As for the comments about employees, pensions and school taxes, I hear you loud and clear, but so that we don’t mix apples and oranges and give folks even more reason to simply bury their heads in the sand, at least in theory you are getting something for your taxes that go to those things. What are you getting from i-Star? Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Actually, with the tax break you are GETTING a bill to cover what they will not be covering for their use.

  21. Coming off if the beach today in the west end I had my choice stairs or ramp. The ramp side had did pea and the stair side had dog poop. Dogs on the beach?? I think not

  22. As long as you guys use leashes and clean up after your dog I’m all for it. But the thing is a lot of you think it’s your right to take your dog off its leash and let it roam all over the beach. When your dog starts running at me you say don’t worry he won’t hurt you. I don’t want your dog near me. Im sure he/she is a really neat dog but I don’t want it near me. Do you think those guys will get that? I don’t..

    It is my right to not get scared when I walk on the beach. I use the beach year round almost every day.

  23. Unsustainable your previous post regarding leashes was spot on I disagree with not having dogs on the beach though.

    I like dogs on the beach but don’t want them running towards me which is all of the off season.

    I do find the ones who want their dogs to run free and screw everybody else who doesn’t believe same on also the ones who do what the rest of your post says.

    The dog owners who use a leash are responsible and pick up after their dogs.

  24. @pattib…describe in detail exactly what else is your “right?” If a teenager with a hoodie is on the beach at the same time as you, should that person be removed because you have the “right” not to be scared?

  25. Teenagers don’t come running at you on the beach like dogs who aren’t on a leash. Let me guess you let your dog on the beach without a leash and think it’s ok. Now that is a shocker.

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