Speaking of petitions…. here is a blast from the past: Deny Long Beach Wayfarer, LLC aka iStar a 25 Year Tax Exemption

Petition: Deny Long Beach Wayfarer, LLC aka iStar a 25 Year Tax Exemption

Remember that one? Let’s try to get 1500 signatures, just like the dogs. This petition sorta had a deadline, but people are still signing it.

(Oh, I think the towers got higher since I made this photoshop)istarwars

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  1. It is not too late to contact the IDA. No decision has been announced. It is also not too late to question Eramo and Torres, who want your vote in September 10 primary, why they supported the tax break and if they don’t or have changed their mind about it, what they are going to do about it publicly now.

  2. @ Reading…..This is not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about a group of very slick real estate people who pulled the wool over our eyes, myself included. They told us that they needed a variance to build higher in order to make the Superblock work.

    At no time at the Sports bar across from City Hall or at the Zoning Board hearing, did they mention a tax break or the I D A. Their partner in the Superblock has been rumored to be raising rents at Avalon Towers. That means the demand to live on the ocean in Long Beach outstrips the supply. They just want to maximize their profits at our expense.

    Instead of playing the “Blame Game,” (there’s plenty of that to go around when it comes to the Superblock,) sign the petition and tell your friends (hopefully, you have a few) to do the same.

    If they decide not to build, there is a back up plan. Anthony will dig into his trust fund and build SEABY TOWERS. He has agreed to pay taxes just like the rest of us.

  3. Richard – Istar pulled the wool over our eyes I do not disagree. I have signed the petition and sent emails. That our city council supported the tax break – which is what the IDA meeting trabscript says – is a completely different issue and directly on point as these 2 council members are part of the council that gave that support and now want our votes. That’s not blame game. Perhaps you haven’t paid attention to my posts. I don’t care democrat or republican; I care about Long Beach.

  4. @ Reading…I am non affiliated. I have voted for City Council candidates from both parties, much to my chagrin. And, I love living in Long Beach.
    Are you telling us that the transcript says those two candidates “support a 25 year 130 million dollar tax break”?

    If so, where can I see that in writing?


  5. Rich — I cannot locate the IDA hearing record on this site (but Anthony posted the link once), but this is from theLongBeachSun:

    “We have now had a chance to review the minutes of the June 3 IDA meeting at City Hall and the IDA Chairman says in his opening remarks:

    “In addition, representatives of the City have stated to the Agency that the City supports the applicant’s request to the Agency for financial assistance, and in particular, supports the request for, the term of, and the specific proposed pilot payment formula as being requested by the applicant with respect to the project.” [Chairman Kearney at pgs 9-10].

    So there you have it. The City Council has spoken. And if the statement by Kearney was incorrect, they did not correct it. Without any explanation to the residents of this City, the City Council supported I-Star’s request to not pay over $100 million of taxes over the next 25 years.

    We urge the City Council to explain itself before it’s too late or correct this understanding if it is wrong. Either way, you owe that to the residents.

    The minutes from the June 3 meeting are here: http://www.nassauida.org/Public/Page/Files/38_Long%20Beach%20Public%20Hearing%20Minutes%206.3.15.pdf

    Rich, also note that one of the campaign flyers for Torres, Eramo and Adamo stated that one of the positives from the current administration is the benefits of the $36 million in taxes that will be received from i-Star once the project is built (that amount assumes the giving of the tax break).

    I have voted for both parties too.

  6. I don’t mean to be stubborn but, I do not see where the City says in print, that it supports a 25 year 130 million dollar tax abatement. I do remember hearing that the City settled a law suit carried forward to iStar from the previous owners of the Superblock. I’m not sure if there was any connection to the I D A.

    On the flip side, iStar, Phillips International etc are very smart real estate people who like so many others in New York, have outsmarted local governments to gain tax abatements, Some have been known to be major contributors to NY State lawmakers.

    If only they would have allowed Haberman to build the Superblock about 15 years ago, the buildings would be paying taxes and long Beach would have has a very nice looking development, without lawsuits.
    And if they let Haberman build on the lot between Monroe and Lincoln years ago, we wouldn’t be facing another multi million dollar lawsuit.

  7. @ East End…I read it.I read it twice! Once again,there is no mention of the City supporting a “25 year, 130 million dollar tax abatement.”

    However, I do thank you for your honesty. You could have edited page 3.

    It’s time to move on to dealing with the dog doo on the boardwalk and the few slobs who are giving dog owners a bad reputation.

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