LB COAD & South Shore Recover Group event Thursday at the LB library

Should I Reopen My Flood Insurance Claim?

The Long Beach COAD in partnership with The South Shore Recovery Coalition is hosting an informational workshop on reopening your flood insurance claim Thursday, September 3rd from 6:45pm to 9:15pm on the second floor of the Long Beach Library.  The deadline to have your flood insurance claim reopened is September 15th.  The question whether to reopen a flood claim or not can be a difficult one.

The National Flood Insurance Program has attempted to make the process of reopening your claim simple and homeowner friendly but we might just be putting ourselves right back into the hands of the people who created the problem.  The fact is most of us just didn’t know what was covered, what needs to be replaced and not just cleaned and what it would take to make the proper repair.  We believed the flood adjuster when he said they only paid for 4’ of sheetrock or that only the lower cabinets are covered.

Many people are worried about actually having to pay money back while others are concerned about their New York Rising grants and how reopening their flood claim will affect moving through that process.  If you decide you want to reopen your claim you can move forward in a few ways.  You can start the process yourself with a phone call, you can work with one of one of the free legal groups or with a private attorney.  No matter how you move forward, Thursday’s meeting will be informative as experts share their first hand knowledge on the process.

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