Petition: Keep the Dogs Off Our Beach LB NY

Dogs on the beach. It’s a controversial topic. Well, opposition is heating up in response to the pro-dog on beach petition. For those who don’t want dogs on the beach, now is you chance to make your voices heard:

“Please sign this petition in opposition for a planned dog park on the beach. Let the Long Beach City Council know you are opposed to the idea: Keep the Dogs Off Our Beach LB NY

Visit the group on Facebook for more info: Keep the Dogs Off of Our Beach


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  1. I’ve been told by a dog owner that the reason the dog run by the bay isn’t inviting to dog owners is because it’s dirty and flea infested. Also it is too small and was thrown together without thought.

    Wouldn’t it be more constructive to petition the City to revamp the existing dog run into a larger, clean facility for the dogs?

    Perhaps have the dog owners get together and form a consensus of what they feel are the necessary changes that ought to be made?

  2. The dog run by the rec center is way to small and the smell from the treatment plant next to it is horrible. It can not be revamped in that area. A new area needs to be found that is easily accessible to LB residents and their dogs.

  3. Come the off season/winter-I’ll be on the beach with my dog. just tell me where to pay the fine annually – cause i’m taking walks with my pal – and I clean up too – deal with it.

  4. “Just a few deranged crazies”. On one side we have dog owners that believe dogs have “rights” to the beach. People admitting to breaking the law. Dogs don’t like the smell of human waste. Animals inhabited the earth first justifying dogs on the beach. In a previous post we hear that dogs need a place to “call their own” but somehow the opposition to dogs on the beach and to instead rehabilitate the existing dog park is “deranged” thinking. Says a lot about the pro side.

  5. I’ve had dogs all my life. We bred show dogs and attended dog shows every weekend. At one point my parents owned a dog obedience school. My mother also worked in a dog grooming parlor.

    You do your fellow residents a disservice by labeling them deranged or of not liking dogs.I’m fond of dogs – just not on the beach.

    As to the bad smell by the treatment plant.The skate park and boat launch ramp are adjacent to the dog run. So not only dog owners are being affected. All residents utilizing those areas are!

    Maybe a state agency should be called in to test the emissions from the plant? Maybe the City can doing something to do away with the smell.

  6. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, with that said, what’s the difference between all the locals and tourists smoking and putting their cigarettes out in the sand? You don’t want dogs in a designated area on the beach, where we would pay a fee for animal controls help in keeping everyone in check. So maybe you are not a dog person and you hate this idea. You don’t want dog poop on the beach, I get it. But why inforce one thing and not the other? Cigarette butts aren’t helping your quality of life or marine life. Cigarette butts take years to break down…poop is gross, but guess what? It goes away. It’s an off season thing that can’t happen unless your dog is registered and up to date on all vet shots. There are many safety procations being taken to make this happen. And who doesn’t want a nice $10k thrown into LBs off season income!? Come on people….it’s 2015! We aren’t just going to let hundreds of dog run wild on the beach. But we do want to run around and have fun on the beach, supervised, with our fur babies just as much as you want to run around with your snotty nosed human babies!

  7. @ DogsByTheSea as of now the City hardly enforces existing laws against dogs on the beach and people not curbing their dogs.

    If by some divine act they somehow become competent and can implement a dog park on the beach would dog owners accept a zero tolerance approach to loose dogs?

    Something like say, if your caught with your dog off leash in a non-dog park area there would be an increased fine. And your not allowed at the dog park for a period of time. A second citation and your banned from using the park.

    And I appreciate your candor about wanting to run around on the beach with your fur babies. So then a dog run, even a modernized facility, isn’t of interest to LB dog owners? Only the beach is an option?

    Even though, if it goes through the dog beach park is only available for use during the off season. Where are the dogs to be exercised the rest of the year?

    And your right I too have seen some snotty nosed human babies at the beach but generally they have not:

    Run up to me and jumped on me with wet sandy paws and slobber

    Laid their ears back curled their lips and growled at me

    Ran through the oystercatchers nest scattering the nestlings

    All these things happened with the owners a half a beach away letting their dogs run free.

  8. I agree with some of the comments regarding the LB dog park. It is way too small. Go to any dog park on Long Island, and the LB park is a joke in comparison.

    Here are my suggestions:

    1) Expand the size of the LB dog park after the new skate board park opens. The old skate park will allow for large and small dog areas and will bring the LB dog park into more parity with other communities.
    2) Create two additional dog parks on the East side and the West End. The Clark Street playground has an area that is unused. This would make a great park, and it can be added with a separate entrance from the children’s area. There is existing fencing to protect the children. There are other Long Island dog parks in close proximity to children’s playground (Smithtown comes to mind) and everyone gets along. Often, parents take their kids and their dogs to the park together!
    3) Create 2 or 3 “dog beaches” just as we have designated surfing beaches. These will be fenced in areas using the same wooden slat fencing used around the dunes. Owners must be in the dog pen area with their friends, and of course, must clean up. Both people and dogs can enjoy the beach at the same time.

    I know the biggest complaint is that people do not clean up after their dog. Guess what? Those same people are walking their dogs on your lawn and street anyway. At least the dog waste caused by irresponsible dog owners will be in one area. Do you want the dog poop on your block, or in a designated location?

    Go virtually anywhere else in the country, and dogs on the beach are as common as suntan lotion. And you know what? No one give a second thought about it. Only the LB CAVE people are losing their minds.

    And it was the LB CAVE people who for years resisted surfing in LB. Imagine that? A beach town WITHOUT surfing. Yet decades later, surfers and beach goers enjoy our beautiful shore together.

    Dogs and people can enjoy the beach together in LB, just like everywhere else in the country. It just takes an open mind and responsible people.

  9. Wait…wait! I know this one.

    “I know you are but what am I”…right?

    GROW UP. Crawl out of the miserable cave you live in, go get some fresh air and stop trolling on the internet.

  10. A key concern is public health. After perusing the net and finding plenty of complaints about non compliance with the rules enacted on California beaches that allow dogs, I came across this response to a person questioning the health concerns at a website called Ask a Scientist:
    “While I couldn’t find any studies that tested dried feces compared to fresh feces, it seems that sun-drying excrement may eliminate some bacteria in feces but it also might preserve other kinds of bacteria. And along with bacteria, some parasites also survive sun-drying. According to Ethne Barnes in his Diseases and Human Evolution, hookwork larvae moves “around in the soil to avoid drying rays of the sun and to gain a vantage point for contact with the skin of a warm-blooded host” using “it’s sharp pointed tail.” Roundworm eggs “can remain viable for many months (even for several years if in a protected location), and it is virtually impossible to kill the eggs with chemical disinfectants” writes Ray M. Kaplan, DVM, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases; Director, Parasitology Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, Athens.

    “The eggs only can be readily killed by extreme heat (steam or flame) or long-term exposure (weeks to months) to UV radiation (direct sunlight). … there is little that can be done to remove or kill the eggs other than waiting for eggs to die naturally or physically removing the surface soil layer.”

    I look forward to a serious analysis of the science before any public policy changes are enacted in LB. What I shared here would indicate that we need to know more and that policy ought not be driven by petition numbers. I love dogs and understand why their owners would enjoy running them on the beach. I trust our City Council, should it address this issue, approach it as trustees of the public common good, carefully studying the experience of other densely populated beach communities that have allowed dogs on their beaches.

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