20 Replies to “Vans store is coming!”

  1. Is it an “Official” Vans store, like in Roosevelt Field? Or is just a sneaker shop that sells vans? There is “unlaced” on the left corner of the sign. This could just be like the “Authorized AT&T” store on the corn of Park and National. Authorized is different than Official.

  2. @Jay…perhaps it is time to stop limiting your thinking about what flavor of Democrat is right for LB, and look towards a Conservative Republican for a change. Let the Democrats work for your vote. Or do you just automatically look left?

  3. @Jay…as I said, you will always look left. Your choice, but instead of always looking at a “pro-labor” candidate, how about a “pro-freedom” candidate.

    The two are usually mutually exclusive.

    But the Democrats are lucky. They do not have to work to earn you vote and can just take your support for granted.

    And you wonder why nothing in politics ever changes.

  4. I like the idea of a pro-freedom candidate in LB. Finally, people wouldn’t need so many permits to have an impromptu bbq and dog show on the boardwalk.

  5. @Jay….you just identified the issue. We do not need politicians to “get things done.”

    We need a government that does three things: 1) keep the peace (police); 2) resolve disputes (courts); and 3) establish standards (local code).

    That’s really about it. Look at governments all around us. They want to do things like set what wages should be paid and what size of sodas we can drink. Closer to home, we are told where we can and cannot walk our dogs.

    By your own words, you want a candidate just like every other candidate, just so they can sit in the “majority” to “get things done.”

    But by getting things done, all you really mean is that they need to pass more regulations. And every new regulation takes away a little piece of our freedoms every time.

    Good luck voting for your get along Democrat. You and I both know that your mind was made up who to vote for long before a candidate was on the ticket.

  6. Who is the idiot now, Costanza?

    By the way, love how this thread got totally hijacked. If you want to have a political discussion why not run your own blog, why do all ya’ll keep hijacking this one?

  7. @kramer (jay) – Thank you. I will. But my goals are higher – I aspire to become a paid fireman in a small town with no fires, find a medical way out to get paid and then pretend to install boilers and get paid – all on the citizens dime. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Stay crooked. Stay well.

  8. I know, and I agree. But I just love listening to the mindless rant of a liberal progressive extremist (yes Jay, that is you) who “pretends” to have an open mind. In reality, they will vote for a Democrat, even when there is open corruption. (And note, I am not blaming any LB politician of corruption).

    Jay and millions more buffoons just like him are the reason this country are in the crapper. They blindly vote for a government run ruling class that openly takes away our freedoms, all while they sit on their rears, feeding off the public. And sometimes, they actually pretend to work!

    By Jay takes it a step further. He openly is against anything and everything just like a good little CAVE person. We can ignore him….or openly challenge and insult him. I find the latter to be much more fun!

    Your turn Jay. Describe in detail how you are against a sneaker store, or a politician. Better yet, respond to one of us with another mindless rant. We need a good laugh on a slow day before the holiday.

  9. This is a little late but for those who are wondering it is not a vans store. As the other person mentioned it is a general shoe store /skate shop that will be selling other things as well. They will be selling a lot of vans goods.

  10. Will they have to wait a year before they open their store and kiss the cheeks of the Democrats so the Zoning Board allows them to open?

    Maybe that’s why nobody except bars open here.

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