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  1. This is the the reason why Long Beach will never allow dogs on the beach, even after the “season.” Cleaning up after a dog has always been a problem in Long Beach, period. I clean up after Watson. Why can’t other people? They really should ticket people.

  2. I bet you walked up and down the boardwalk for days to get that “evidence.” OMG, the world is coming to an end! A dog was on the boardwalk! We will be overrun!

  3. I have been running on the boardwalk for over 30 years and very rarely do I have to dodge dog crap in the summer months. Usually too many eyes out in the summer,but take a stroll in the off season and it’s a minefield.

  4. Lafayette and the boardwalk two nights ago- bunch of local kids riding their bikes stopped to buy “something” from two guys hanging on a bench- not something that should be going on up there, sad and scary
    Dog poop on boardwalk,,,,yep, those inconsiderate, lazy, self-centered people ruin it for those of us who get great joy out of seing their dogs enjoy the beach!

  5. I see dogs on the Boardwalk every day- with and without leashes.
    Hence the dog shit on the Boardwalk.

    Why do you need a closed off section of the beach to crap all over, when you have the entire $40 million Boardwalk?

  6. Wow I’ve been here over 10 years and I’ve never seen dog poop on the boardwalk. I did see a woman walking a small dog once and I was annoyed. There are rules that ppl do not follow and it ruins it for everyone else. Its life! Happens in every arena. I have two huge dogs and I know I clean up after them on the beach or wherever but others simply do not. Its sad. So although im for doggy beach I. Completely understand the resistance. I mentioned before that maybe some of us responsible dog owners could volunteer to help keep the chosen area clean. However I understand that this only covers one area of contentment.

  7. i walk on the boardwalk everyday and have seen this before. specials don’t always enforce the no dogs rule or the bike lane rule. some blocks have dog poopie stations with bags and a collection bin, why can’t we have those on every median?? and maybe istar should be required to install a dog run for their ridiculous buildings…

  8. Mary I agree with you When I walk Mia I always have a bag with me.
    Dog owners can get them from the vegie section at the supermarket and the bag that the newspaper comes in is also perfect.
    If you own a dog pick the poop.

  9. The worst I have seen. The day after the boardwalk was officially opened a family was walking near Lafayette as I was running. Can you imagine a big heap of dog crap for all to step in. The family remarked how disgusting. The boardwalk wasn’t even 24 hours old. Keep your dogs in front of your own homes

  10. I’ve been noticing a lot more Pit Bulls in Long Beach, compared to a few years ago.

    They seem to becoming a popular breed – I wonder why…….

  11. How about the huge pile of puke we encountered a couple of weeks ago? I tried to give the benefit of the doubt- maybe it was a child that had a upset belly- and it was super hot. But unless we get a good rain (which we haven’t had) it wasn’t going anywhere!!

    We also came across a burnt backpack!! It was all melted on one of the memorial benches– there was also plies of sand- I guess that was used to try and put out the fire. But my question is: HOW did THAT happen in the first place???

  12. @LiberalsAreScum, I’ve noticed your intelligence level is far below average but I don’t say anything. Oh whoops, looks like I just did.

    For starters, “pit bull” is not a breed, it’s a catch all phrase and vague description of a number of breeds.

    If you’re claiming that a rollup of terriers, boxers, mastifs, lab mixes and medium sized muts with floppy ears are a “popular breed”, then wow that’s a real ground breaking statement.

  13. The last time I saw a Dog crap on the Boardwalk I asked the person to pick it up. She replied she had nothing to pick it up with. I said use you hands and throw it in the Basket. She ignored me . I picked it up and threw it at her. I told her she could bring it home on her cloths.

  14. Perhaps the popularity you’ve noticed is because so many pit bulls are up for adoption at shelters and animal rescue facilities, either abandoned by, or removed from, negligent or abusive owners. Thankfully, many good people look beyond the bad press and welcome these dogs into their homes. A trip to rescue organization Bobby and The Strays in Freeport might help you understand the appeal of these much maligned dogs.

  15. Dallas Township PA:

    Animal cruelty verdicts upheld

    Dominick J. Donovan and Jennifer C. Barisano operated a kennel where 35 dogs died.

    DALLAS TWP. – A Luzerne County judge has upheld the animal cruelty convictions of a former area dog trainer and his girlfriend who operated a kennel where several dozen dogs were found dead.

    Senior Judge Carson Brown found Dominick J. Donovan and Jennifer C. Barisano guilty of one count each of cruelty to animals, failure to provide veterinary care and failure to clean and sanitize daily, all of which were filed by the Luzerne County SPCA. They were found not guilty on several citations issued by the state Department of Agriculture for failing to obtain a kennel license and another citation related to a sanitation issue.

    Brown heard Donovan and Barisano’s appeal of an April 2006 ruling by District Judge James Tupper, who found the couple guilty of numerous citations and sentenced them to 60 days in jail and nearly $3,200 in fines. While upholding part of the verdict, Brown significantly reduced the sentence, negating the prison sentence and ordering the couple to pay fines totaling $1,600.

    Donovan and Barisano formerly operated Pet Care Associates, a boarding kennel and security dog training center. The kennel was shut down by the state Department of Agriculture’s Dog Law Enforcement division in January 2006 after officials investigating reports of unsanitary conditions discovered 35 dogs had died there. The kennel has since been sold and is now being operated by a new owner.

    The SPCA citations were based on the deaths of four of the dogs – puppies Donovan and Barisano had euthanized at the Lackawanna County SPCA. The sanitation citations related to excessive dog excrement that was found on the premises.

    The couple vehemently disputed the cruelty and veterinary care citations, arguing they had put the dogs down as an act of mercy because they suspected the animals were suffering from Parvo – a virus that causes extreme diarrhea and vomiting, leaving the dogs in excruciating pain.

    But Brown rejected that argument, saying Donovan and Barisano had an obligation to consult a veterinarian to make that diagnosis, rather than making that determination themselves.

    Donovan and Barisano maintained they tried to get a veterinarian to examine the dogs, but none would agree to come to their facility. The SPCA disputed that, saying they had arranged for veterinarian Inayat Kathio to examine the dogs, but Donovan and Barisano refused that offer because they were unhappy with Kathio’s fee.

    Donovan and Barisano did not immediately respond to an e-mail message sent through a Web site that remains active for their former business. Their attorney, Barry Dyller, was not in the office Wednesday and could not be reached for comment.

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