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  1. This is wrong on every level. A true mom-and-pop shop in the heart of our city. This is not a bad business model, poor service or bad product at work here. This is genuine disinvestment in local business by the City of Long Beach. How much are spending on economic development and they can’t even keep the shops across the street from the freakin’ LIRR station open?

    Chamber of Commerce – what have you done? Are you so busy with your street fairs and lawsuits?

  2. You are such a ranting lunatic. Always the city’s fault. Always someone else’s fault. All you do is bitch about the city not doing this or that. Why not get off the online crap and go out and do something positive. Then I’ll bash you all day for it.

  3. Long Beach Craft & Variety (they also run a store in Wantagh) owns the business, not the building, I read previously that they had issues with the landlord i.e. rent, absolute refusal on repairs. These are decent hard working people, I don’t blame them for moving on if they were paying a slum lord.

  4. So sad. My go to place for everything. Now we will all have to go to oceanside and the big box stores. It was so nice to be welcomed each time you walked in and always so helpful. Going to miss this. Good luck Cassandra.

  5. It’s a landlord/tenant issue. Probably landlord greed
    If she were my tenant, she wouldn’t be leaving. Wonderful window displays, a large inventory of useful merchandise and a personality bigger than life. Truly a major asset to our community.

  6. Sure, Landlord greed. Evey landlord prefers a vacant store than the pain and trouble of carting wheelbarrow loads of rent money to the bank.

    It’s fools who believe this that explain why a City Council was elected that raised the taxes on this property to $7,000 per month.

    Keep electing Democrats and keep watching the stores close.

  7. I do not like to see any store close that was run by honest, decent, hardworking people. in this case, I don’t know the circumstance behind the closing, nor do I know the these store owners.

    Landlords are allowed to be greedy. They are in business of making money, and if they can get a higher rent from another business, then that is their right. And if they want to kick a tenant out who no longer has a lease to have a vacant building, then that is their right as well.

    It sucks when a business we like is forced to move or go under, but unfortunately in business, that is reality. Hopefully, the business will find a new and better home and prosper.

  8. Cassandra and her dad are class acts who know the real meaning of customer service. I’d like to thank them both for putting a smile on my face for so many years, and wish them well.

  9. Noooo! The Craft Store has been there as long as I can remember. Whenever I stopped by I always saw people in there. They had such good stuff! Such a deep disappointment to see it go.

  10. LBCV has long been my favorite store. I think of it as a kind of quirky variety store answer to Weinstein’s from days of old. I love(d) shopping in both! Cassie, her dad and the staff all offer personal and friendly service and always were grateful for your business, even if you only bought a roll of scotch tape. We dodged this bullet 2 years ago when they were struggling with the landlord but managed to work it out (I guess)…. Maybe we’ll get lucky again. Is there any real way for us to rally as a group and stop this from happening or is it too far gone? Anybody know for sure?

  11. A better response than the “go fund me” collection would be to vote the bastards out of office who have raised Long Beach real estate taxes to the highest rates in the nation.

    That landlord has to charge $6,000/month before he can pay his tax bill. And he’s owned the property for 70 years. Got to sell a lot of beach chairs to pay that bill!

    Reelect these scumbags and you’ll have nothing left but bars and franchises in Long Beach.

  12. Where is that City Council? What has economic development done? How about a break to Cassandra instead of Istar? Jack “successful summer” give me a break!

  13. Anybody blaming the city council for this store closing is a complete bonehead.

    The store sold junk and nobody bought anything there. All of the people pointing fingers should list all of the expensive items they purchased from that store over the lifetime of its existence. A crappy “LONG BEACH” t-shirt and a box of thumbtacks a year is not going to pay the rent for that enormous space.

    Is Gino’s going out of business?

  14. These people who are blaming the landlord without even knowing any of the facts are typical PC idiots.
    News Flash, landlords don’t want empty stores either. No tenent no rent , so don’t be stupid

  15. That store has been a staple in Long Beach for over 70 years. I don’t think they survived all this time on “crappy t-shirts and boxes of thumb tacks. What’s different now ? Landlords are entitled to rent and it has probably always been high in that large store. Taxes have always been outrageous but that is factored into the rent. It certainly isn’t the owner as she is loved by anyone who has been a customer in her store.Should we blame the Chamber of Commerce ? No, I don’t think so they have always been absolutely useless to local business. So what could it be? How about a Democratic administration that spent the last couple of years sponsoring events on the Boardwalk and Kennedy Plaza that divert customers to itinerant vendors that do NOT support Long Beach,do NOT pay local taxes, do Not pay sanitation or sign fees. Do NOT pay for or have Long Beach mercantile licences. Our local restaurants now have to invest in mobile facilities in order to participate in the Shoregesboard. And who is all of this for, not Long Beach residents but tourists. How does a Arts and Crafts Fair on the boardwalk attended by thousands benefit Casandra at the Variety store ? How do these fairs and festivals benefit my family, do they lower my taxes, do they reduce the stress on our services
    Remember every “Crappy t-shirt that they sell on the boardwalk or Kennedy Plaza is one less sale for Casandra and may have been the difference between staying and leaving Long Beach!!!!
    Oh yeah Gino’s will survive but Duke Falcons and Currywurst have closed this year..

  16. Thank you Jay. Truer words cannot be spoken.

    Whoever you vote for, vote OUT the incumbents who raised yours and the Variety Store’s taxes while giving iStar millions in recording tax breaks.

    These bums are destroying your community.

  17. Right away these bleeding hearts are blaming the landlord and calling it “greed”
    No one knows the real reason and no one cares enough to find out, just name call the landlord, you PC idiots should get out of the sand box once in s while and taste the real world.

  18. Another thought is tthat the city council or powers that be are planning to promote tourism? All year round tourism? Who are they kidding? Where will these tourists buy their ‘crappy’ tee shirts and tourist memorabilia, souvenirs etc. Where do the tourists who come on the LIRR now stop to buy their chairs, umbrellas, sand pails, sun block etc etc etc. LBCV sold everything to everybody. Even the girl at Starbucks inside Waldbaums mentioned it today, saying she referred people there every,day, many times a day on the weekends when asked where to buy beach gear. I’m so sick over this.., the closing of this store is bad for everyone but especially for the city of Long Beach. I’m truly sorry for the simpletons and naysayers who just don’t get it.

  19. Captain, Nothing goes on the Boardwalk without the City of Long Beach approval. The City Recreation, beach maintenance, sanitation and highway depts are fully engaged in the Chamber festival and every out event presented on our boardwalk.

  20. Hey Joe, you are correct that the city approves the fairs but the shameber is the organizer and genesis of them. A local business owner spoke at a city council meeting about how destructive the fairs are to downtown businesses. However useless the city’s economic team is they did in fact speak with the business owner that night. The shameber president walked out of the hall as the owner spoke.

  21. Lynn, the “simpletons and naysayers who just don’t get it” are the ones that keep marching into the voting booths and voting for the same self-serving clan who’s running business out of this town.

    It costs money to hire your family and friends in no-show jobs. It costs money to pay Sustainable Long Island to tell us we need parking spaces. It costs money to produce YouTube videos.

    Lynn, as long as the taxpayers continue electing the people who raise taxes and fees only because they “have cool names,” or “are Jewish” or “The Party endorses them,” Long Beach is ruined.

    The food trucks killed the restaurants; the Chamber’s fairs are killing local business, and iStar destroyed property values.

    But Long Beach voters will keep pulling the same lever in the voting booth. It’s time to get out while you still can.

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