Paying it Forward to Long Beach Craft & Variety


LINK:  Paying it Forward to Long Beach Craft & Variety

ABOUT: Today’s news about Long Beach Craft & Variety got us thinking that perhaps the best way to say THANK YOU to Cassandra is to show up, in person, all together as a community. She has done SOOOO much for our community, why not show up and express our gratitude.

Soooo a POP UP THANK YOU for Cassandra…this Sunday at 11 AM. Bring a card, a note of thanks for her. We will start a line outside her store and everyone can walk in and say thank you. Bring coffee, donuts, whatever you feel! Share the love!
Spread the word Long Beach.

50 West Park Avenue Long Beach, New York 11561

8 Replies to “Paying it Forward to Long Beach Craft & Variety”

  1. @Jay…yet you are the one who started all this stuff you call nonsense on this and every other thread. You seem like the typical self absorbed narcissist. You cause all the trouble, and then blame everyone else. I bet you were real popular in school. What’s the matter, no one picked you for dodge ball?

    And even worse, you pretend not to care and vow to disappear, yet you keep coming back like a bad case of fleas on a mangy dog.

    You must be a riot at parties. Oh wait, I forgot. You never get invited. Poor little Jay.

  2. We were in there this morning and it was heartbreaking to see how upset the owner was. So many people were coming in just to say thank you and goodbye. So sad….

  3. You just figured this out? How many times have people pleaded with you to seek medical attention? You need a nice long rest. May I suggest a padded room?

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