11 Replies to “Skate Park Grand Opening: Sunday 4pm”

  1. @Jay….what is it with you CAVE people? You go out of your way to find something negative – in everything!

    You remind me of a person who is upset because they won a million dollars. Why? Because they will have to pay taxes!

    And like the typical CAVE person, you are an expert and have an opinion in everything you know NOTHING about.

    And for your information, concrete does take time to cure…if you were driving a dump truck over it. The kids don’t have enough weight to do any damage. My proof? My own two month old concrete driveway that the contractor told me to keep my car off of….for two days. That’s it.

    I must say, however…you are an amusing CAVE person. What else are you going to rant against today?

  2. @Jay….finally thank you! We want you to be done with us. Now go away and find some government to scam.

    And BTW…any so called “attack” you receive is your own fault. Buh Bye.

  3. @Jay…I can answer that. There is a very good reason why we do not want to say anything to your face, and it is not because we are cowards, to use your term.

    The real reason is that we just do not want to soil ourselves by being in your presence. That is really is all there is to it.

    Anyone else agree?

    More importantly, what are you doing here? I thought you were done with us?

  4. I’m really enjoying the skatepark and I ask my fellow “senior” skaters — certainly anyone 30s and up — to wear a helmet and set an example for the kids. If we, who know better, don’t wear helmets, they certainly won’t.

  5. Jay — no way curing played any role in any falls at the park — I’ve skated it twice and there is nothing that would cause a fall because of curing (even the number of cracks (which may be a curing issue, but would not cause a fall)). Unfortunately, falls at skateparks are the norm and not wearing protective equipment, which would limit injuries, is also the norm. That is why I’m asking my fellow older skaters to wear helmets and lead by example. (and protect their melons, as I’m sure many of them have mortgages to pay….)

  6. Nice to see the new skate park. What a shame that the concrete’s all cracking already.

    I suppose it was allowed to dry out before it cured.

    If the City had an engineer, it could hold the Brookhaven contractor liable.

    Oh well. Just have to float another bond.

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