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  1. they are acts of pathetic desperation to fool the uninformed masses. its kinda like all the direct mail hit pieces they have been sending. just sucks that our tax dollars may be being spent on this drivel

  2. I know people are alleging it’s a campaign thing. Does it say anything to that effect in a disclaimer? “Paid for by….”. Who is running it? The person obviously works for the city based on the posts and wording.

  3. It shows the type of people that are running this city right now. I don’t see the republicans or the new democrats making fake pages and putting out negative material. You have to ask, why?

  4. I think I can elaborate. A bunch of “Anonymous” campaign pages sprouted up like “Citizens to Save LB” and “Take Back Long Beach” also stuff like “Friends of Long Beach Firefighters” and “Stop the LB Fire Dept Layoffs”

    Also pages like Projection 11561 and Long Beach Matters have gone into full-on campaign mode for the firefighters.

    It’s surprising that SeabytheCity is just finally acknowleding this now because its been going on for months. Lots of photoshopped images of Zapson with Torres Eramo Adamo and badmouthing Jack Schnirman among others.

    All these pages will start supporting the “Republican” candidates in about a week I’m sure.

  5. I have noticed all of the new pages popping up- Have been wondering who is behind them. But all it takes is one quick glance to see what the motive behind the page is.

    The Republicans recently posted a bio on each candidate. It showed some good insight into each of their candidates. Expanded info on their education, work experience, etc. I wish the New Dems would do the same.

    All I know is I want the current admin out. I’d also like to see people running my city with some good experience behind them and a goal of at least freezing my taxes.

  6. Nothing worse that littering the digital landscape and being disgruntled especially when treated poorly or bullied. Glad I have no problem posting my real name too

  7. It is absolutely time to change things up in Long Beach. The present gang can’t even figure out how to give us back our goddamn bike lane. Is that so hard to do? They tried to saddle us with pensions and lifetime health benefits after working for the city for only 5 years, we have the 50 million dollar Haberman lawsuit hanging over us, we’re on the cusp of getting shafted with a 120 million tax abatement deal on the superblock that is also robbing the school district of millions, they sat idly by while almost 200 million in FEMA funds for the LB medical center was virtually stolen by South Nassau, not to mention several hundred good jobs that were lost, we’re taxed up the wazoo and can’t even park if front of our own houses, the first 6 shootings on Long Island in 2015 were right here in Long Beach, they don’t even know that if you plant something it has to be watered for God’s sake. I would vote for a talking parrot over the current disaster.

  8. Jay – What was your take on Hennessey saturating the local “airwaves” during the last election season? Do you think he did more to turn out voters or turn people off? I’m only asking because (no offense), you’re coming across a lot like he did.

    And this is coming from someone who’s inclined to support the same candidates you do. Seriously.

  9. A tremendous amount of damage has been done. We have $150 million in new debt that future generations will have to pay. One-third of business is gone, while $3 million has been squandered on a new Long Beach Economic Development Corp. Tens of millions in Sandy aid has been doled out to Brookhaven Democrat contractors, friends and family of no-show appointees.

    Remember the “overtime” bonuses paid to political hacks after Sandy? And how about a Building Department that has to hire a per-Diem licensed engineer because none of the $150K appointees are qualified?

    Out tax rate is now among the nation’s highest after for straight increases in spending and taxes. A third of the City’s homeowners will be paying over $10,000/year in flood tax in future years and will be losing their homes.

    While real estate values soar in Nassau County, Long Beach’s is down 12%. Fire insurance will probably rise as our rating is lowered, because of cuts in professional services.

    Think it’s time to get off you ass and vote yet?

  10. Here is an example. A page popped up that was clearly supportive of three of the five Democratic candidates. They invited questions and comments and then proceeded to delete any comments that did not support these candidates and then blocked those people from making any further posts.

    So in my particular case they had posted that if you weren’t happy about the proposed iStar tax PILOT (the $128.6 million tax break) they said to call the Republican Controlled Nassau County Industrial Development Agency and gave the phone number. So I responded to the post asking what number we could call to also voice our concern about the $1.5 million mortgage recording tax exemption the City of Long Beach was giving to iStar. Also, the city has expressed its full support for the iStar tax PILOT. I am strongly opposed to giving any tax breaks to iStar, so I really wanted to know who to call. The post was deleted within minutes and I was blocked from making any additional posts.

    Many people have been blocked and had comments deleted, including some legitimate dialog, but dialog that did not fit their narrative. I guess it is not surprising for something that was set up to be a campaign tool, but it is trying to portray itself as a legitimate page, so it is disingenuous.

    It will likely intensify on all sides between now and Thursday. It leaves the impression that it is less about what is good for Long Beach and more about who gets to sit in the drivers seat.

  11. HONESTY? The guy who scammed the city and the tax payers by installing faulty boilers using other peoples company name?!! HONESTY?? You make me sick with the BS you spew. “For the good of the candidates” you are right on the mark – this jack off turns a lot of people off. Complete fool and embarrassment to this town.

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