Become The Parent You Want To Be [Event @ Mermaid Art Studio]

Support & Discussion Series for Moms & Dads!

Everyone seems to have strong opinions about HOW to raise healthy, well-adjusted children in our fast-paced world. Unfortunately… too often this leads to parents feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused and incompetent.

Parenting is NO easy task…however… it can be richly rewarding when you CHOOSE to BE mindful, playful, grateful and joyful!

Join us for this unique series of honest, enlightening and empowering, discussions relevant to parent life. Let’s begin this NEXT season together…you’ll be INSPIRED and SUPPORTED in making positive changes, embrace NEW perspectives, SHIFT your mind toward NEW experiences that will benefit your whole family. Come LEARN and GROW alongside your kids… a perfect time to reflect, refresh and recharge!

DEDICATE yourself and INVEST in your family’s future…don’t delay in BECOMING the parent you WANT to BE…TODAY!

Weekly sessions may include topics such as…

* Running on Empty…balancing needs and gaining clarity.
* Challenge your assumptions…your beliefs about children.
* Conflicts are inevitable…opportunities to learn and grow.
* Awareness, Confidence, Resilience…raising emotionally
intelligent kids… MOST parents don’t have it to give!
* Healthy, Connected, Respectful Family Relationships.
* A Family Connection…values, traditions and character traits.
* Effective, Empathic, Mindful Observation and Communication
* Discipline is Teaching…model and adjust behavior & attitude.

** Discussions can be tailored to the specific needs/interests of participants. Each session will address topics and time for Q/A.

Facilitator: Erika Stroh, MA, Educator/Parent Life Coach
Learn more at:

Investment: $120 (includes ALL 5-weekly sessions)

*SPECIAL OFFER: Register w/friend = $100 each (SAVE $40!)

Registration in ADVANCE: Call Erika 516.647.0323 OR

The Mermaid Art Studio
891B West Beech Street, Long Beach, NY 11561
Event Website: Become The Parent You Want To Be