Way overdue, but here is a shout out to Long Beach Cinema 4

As you can tell by my crappy photo below, the seats are brand new and extremely comfy. The new screen, projector and audio were great.  Unless I’m crazy, I can almost swear the rows were more stadium-ish, not all on the same level. Was it like that before? It was kinda weird how we had to actually choose what seats we wanted when we purchased the tickets, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. We can all complain how this theater is not the Alamo drafthouse or have Independent films, but whatever. I’m glad it’s open and improved. Plus I’m exited I don’t have to go far to watch Star Wars this December or Star Wars in 2016 or Star Wars in 2017 or Star Wars in 2018, etc etc. (Star Wars fans know what I’m talking about here… )

Visit the theater website to subscribe to the newsletter and buy tickets: longbeachcinema4.com

Long Beach Cinema 4
179 East Park Avenue,
Long Beach, NY 11561
Movieline: (516) 431-2400

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  1. Finally got there this past weekend and was very happy with the experience. We sat in the theater closest to Park Ave. and not only were the seats great, but the screen was larger than I expected or recall from the past and the picture was super crisp. Looking forward to going again now that the summer party season is over.

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