25 Replies to “A resident asks: Really with this banner?”

  1. Jay, you can rest your fingers I have this one covered.

    Which banner are they talking about?
    The resident should be more concerned with the banner on the right, that is the real evil in town and needs to be banned

    How was that?

  2. It’s on Long Beach Boulevard at the corner of East Broadway. I was surprised to see it too.

    You’d think the guy with the white Tahoe and Official Long Beach plates who is putting up the Democrat posters can take down this garbage at the same time.

  3. Is it legally placed? I know the City has sold ad space on that those hideous black metal trash bins, bus stops, etc, but what is this location? is it city owned and revenue generating or just a business circumventing city code as many others do?

  4. Actually it is members of the Independence party who are eligible to vote tomorrow, independents need to wait until November. Tomorrow the members of the Independence party have the option of voting for 3 of the following: Adamo, Eramo, Higgins, Lamonte, Quinn or Torres. Should be interesting to see the number of people who walk in and say “What do you mean I can’t vote? I am an independent”. On the flip side I am sure a good number of people registered for the Independence party thinking they were saying they are independent.

  5. Yeah I am one of those accidentally registered for the Independence Party.

    Initially I thought it said IndepenDANCE Party so obv’ I’d join it. Turns out they got no good moves.

  6. @JimV – “place this has become”? Long Beach hasn’t recently “become” anything, it has been has been home to morons for close to a century. This is nothing new. It’s only social media outlets that shed some light on the issues. Houses were have been run down since the Great Depression, any sense of aesthetic was abysmal. The west end was a sh$# show of alcoholics and derelicts. I remember seeing people that fashioned mailboxes from 5 gallon paint buckets and general junk was in yards everywhere. Not unlike those two dumpy houses by the West End Firehouse. Politicians were always bought and sold. One of the big reasons things don’t change is because money started to come easy to a select few. Your f$%kups that were marginal LBHS graduates became city employees, cops, department heads, city council members, etc, making substantial salaries and voting for increases. And while they make a lot of money off your tax dollars, they didn’t/don’t have a creative bone in their body nor do they have any of the finance experience needed to properly run and develop a city. They vote to keep their fat paychecks and benefits coming and make sure their halfwit family and friends get jobs in LB. All further perpetuating the low class stupidity of what should otherwise be one of the crown jewels of NY. We have a Shameber of Commerce that champions Dunkin Donuts and food trucks, a police department that thinks a gun buyback program is the solution to shootings in LB, a city council that supports a massive tax abatement and blatantly lies claiming they didn’t and further think Section 8 is a remedy for vacancies, Code Enforcement that says nothing about illegal signage but drive around to make sure you pay up for that improvement to your front stoop. Don’t kid yourself, this place hasn’t had class since men wore jackets and ties on the boardwalk.

  7. Sounds like somebody *cough unsustainable cough* isn’t being properly represented by his/her special interest group. (I hope that was pretty obviously sarcastic)

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