Istar Tax abatement has been rejected. A new proposal might be discussed. [NEWSDAY]

“IDA chairman Joseph Kearney said during Tuesday night’s meeting that the initial PILOT would not be approved in its current form. He cited the cost and length of the tax exemption as too rich to benefit Long Beach and Nassau County……

The IDA is considering a third proposal, the details of which were not immediately available. It could be discussed during a public meeting in Long Beach in seven to 10 days.” [LINK]


Yes, my photo was used, but I had nothing to do with setting up this poll.

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  1. Who would have thought that Nassau County has the best interests of Long Beach taxpayers more than the actual City of Long Beach does?
    Another example of Jack being Jack and thankfully this time the IDA stepped in and stopped Schnirman and his gang of Democrats from getting what they wanted at all of our expense….
    One City Councilor, who supported the project as long as his fellow Union members got work out of it, put the taxpayers of Long Beach behind his Union membership. We need leaders who think of Long Beach and the taxpayers first and themselves and their business interests second.
    Unfortunately, because Jack and his fellow Democrats gave into iStar’s HUGE tax proposal the lot will now sit there vacant for longer. If a properly sized, properly zoned, properly financed project would have been approved it would have already been in the construction phase, but because Jack has no clue as to what he is doing, here we are in September 2015 with a vacant lot and a very high fence and no increase in tax rolls from the largest undeveloped beachfront property in Long Beach….
    Yay Jack…. Yay full Democratic Party City Council….
    I wish all of us luck if the same group is in power for the next few years….

  2. So far it’s only the Long Beach Democrats who granted iStar a tax abatement. They gave them at least $7,000,000 of our dollars is recording fee abatements.

    So far, it’s only the Long Beach Democrats who voted for this Rockaway-type hosing project at the Board of Zoning Appeals. Only the lone Republican, Lomonte voted it down and got kicked off the Board of Zoning Appeals for his “no” vote.

    So far, it seems that only Long Beach Democrats supported the defeated County tax abatement, contrary to Newsday’s lies.

    Even if you must vote Democrat, because perhaps you hate the producers of this country, say NO to the Long Beach Democrats.

    They are selling your soul.

  3. Just to clarify, the City of Long Beach agreed to grant a $1.5 million mortgage recording tax exemption to the project.

  4. From Denise Fords page:

    “I-Star Project Update
    As you know, I have expressed and continue to express my opposition to the I-Star PILOT request – unlike the City of Long Beach current government who never expressed any reluctance or disapproval to the PILOT agreement.
    As we await a decision from the IDA (Industrial Development Agency) on the I-Star PILOT, I am hoping the IDA will side with the over 300 residents who vehemently have been against this from the beginning.
    When I first met with I-Star representatives, they assured me that the City of Long Beach was on board for the PILOT agreement. In fact, the City of Long Beach even signed a “Community Host” agreement and gave an additional benefit by forgiving the mortgage recording fee.
    Unlike the City Council members who have been in full support of this PILOT agreement, I shall continue to oppose the PILOT.”

    Send this to Newsday.

  5. From LB Herald a few minutes ago.

    “— both Frey and Kearney have said that the city supported the application. The terms of the PILOT were negotiated with the city before iStar submitted its final application to the IDA in May, records show.”

  6. So the first bullet has been dodged. What happens to the $$ that the City got from these clowns? Will they NOT READ the next revised proposal? Will Torres stand up and use this an example of his “management skills” like he boasted at the debate? If Mandel is even forced to say something other than ” burger, fries please”, will he even stand up for the residents? Forget Adelson and Goggin, they are too lost in space to even understand this stuff. Oh where is Carly when we need her??
    This one is just the best example of Zapson and his merry band of idiots and what they do to our City.
    Just my opinion.

  7. Interesting that nothing has been in Newsday about the NYS Youth Office investigation into charges against the City Child Care program.Word is that 2 children were left on the bus at the end of the day. Staff never checked and didn’t miss them ! Not a word in Newsday. Second investigation commenced last week regarding understaffing while children in care.

  8. Probably the only way Long Beach will ever pay the $10 million judgement Haberman has against them is to turn this property back over to them.

    Only in Long Beach can the City condemn a property, tax the people to take it, get sued by the original owner and have to give it back free.

    If they get it just right, the taxpayers can even be made to lose 100%+ of their investment.

    Go vote.

  9. Depends what day you ask Torres or Adelson. Usually they tell you they were opposed to this deal. Then at Council meetings they vote for it, then in news interviews they tell you how they opposed it, then they agree with party leader and support his lawyer buddies who represent iStar. Interesting comedy we have going on in LB. If we could only get Adelson to tell us what the iStar deal is (she usually seems befuddled) and explain the tax break for the developer, we could finally see clearly how inept our Council is. Or, we could get Torres or Mandel to explain in great detail how they never even researched the deal before they voted to support it. That would go a long way in helping the residents confirm what morons they are.
    Just my opinion.

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