1) Eramo, 2) Torres & 3) Moore for the Democratic Primary [Unofficial Results] There are still those Absentee Votes…

The unofficial results of the Long Beach Democratic primary are in:1st Anthony Eramo2nd Len Torres3rd Anissa Moore4th Karen Adamo5th Dave YolinskyCongratulations to the winners!

Posted by Long Beach Dems on Thursday, September 10, 2015

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  1. SUMMARY REPORT Primary Election
    Run Date:09/10/15 September 10, 2015
    RUN TIME:11:24 PM Unofficial Results

    Council Member City of Long Beach
    (VOTE FOR) 3
    Anthony P. ERAMO . . . . . . . . 1,343 21.76
    Leoncio TORRES. . . . . . . . . 1,298 21.03
    Anissa D. MOORE . . . . . . . . 1,210 19.61
    Karen F. ADAMO. . . . . . . . . 1,149 18.62
    David J. YOLINSKY. . . . . . . . 1,146 18.57
    WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 25 .41
    Total . . . . . . . . . 6,171

  2. @Huh – You must be new in town if you’ve never heard about the remarkable collective consciousness that our nursing home residents share with Mike Zapson and a century of other LB Democratic Committee bosses. It’s true, regardless of advanced Parkinson’s, hospice care or Dementia patients that think Herbert Hoover is president somehow manage to vote. I think the medical term is called voting in Dementia Absentia. I think in other circles, outside of Long Beach of course, it’s referred to as Felony Voter Fraud if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Sam. Not sure I agree given the last council was republican – which financially ran LB into the ground – but I do hear what you’re sayin. Torres Eramo are solid and Moore seems very intelligent and well spoken and should do great.

  4. Haha Peter, ran into the ground? How about the current administration bonding us into debt to make everything look great! The Republicans did the best they could without increasing taxes, these just want to tax and spend like the good liberal they are. I rather run a 4 millionish deficit as opposed to having our current bond indebtedness DOUBLED like these guys have done.

  5. Really? We you not aware of the mess left behind – couldn’t make payrolls – Moody’s downgrades – overtime through the roof – on and on. This is were you and others start rambling but. But. But. But. Whatever.

  6. Debt under Republicans = $ 4 million
    Debt under Democrats = $ 167 million

    But then, look at what the Democrats have done to the US.

    Not surprised Long Beach would elect a self-proclaimed Socialist first.

  7. The biggest news is that Zapson appears to be out:

    If you believe Newsday:
    “We are gratified that the new Democrats won the open seat in Long Beach,” said Bonnie Garone, spokeswoman for the county Democratic Party. “This is a new era in Long Beach with a new leader, Rob Solomon, who will work hard to have Len Torres, Anthony Eramo and Anissa Moore elected in November.”

    Now lets see how all the dead people voted.

  8. Oh boy, oh boy. This is hilarious. So Torres gets to run again. Let’s ask him how much money he has agreed to borrow. He wouldn’t have a clue. Eramo will say yes to whatever the Party leaders tell him. Funny how “happy” he is to be running with the same “colleagues” who stabbed him in the back ONE MONTH after they made him Council president. At least we were spared the embarrassment of the great Cow Adamo.
    Now for the finances….the Repubs of Sofield fame drove this city into financial ruin. A fact. Theofan broke every rule of public finance and left the City with a $7 million deficit. Auditor fact. This group of imbeciles took that mess and decided to pay the deficit down with their Platinum Card. When Torres and Eramo tell you about the “balanced budgets” and their “stellar financial comeback”, they are only showing you how incredibly stupid they are For approving the borrowing and for believing their own BS. In the coming years, the residents are going to have to deal the mountains of debt that these morons have piled on. So when they knock on your door and ask for your vote, ask them how they are going to pay back the debt. See if thy even know what has to be done. Then decide.
    My opinion

  9. This result is not surprising to me, given the incumbency and machine benefits of the Eramo, Torres, Adamo slate, and the fact that you must be a registered Democrat to vote. Lots of folks (for example, my wife, my next door neighbor) are not registered to a party. I see the tale of this result as despite those built in advantages, the incumbents barely eked this out. The character question for them is do they understand that, and will they, to the extent they are reelected in the general election, modify the behaviors that a huge portion of their own party (me included) found abhorrent. The handling of i-Star from start to present has been a disgrace. Not answering questions at Council meetings (despite vows of transparency and more Q&A time when they originally ran against Repubs), ditto.

  10. Unconfirmed reports are that he was catatonically walking back and forth on the boardwalk with Hennessy this morning, one of them mumbling “I know there was a surplus, I just know it” and the other mumbling “we told you to vote for two of them, TWO!, cant you people count?”

  11. That was a disgusting primary. I was very disappointed in Eramo and Torres for letting the censorship happen on the City of LB page, for letting the smear campaign happen and last minute bully tactics. If they honestly wanted what was best for LB them they would let voters decide and not allow that kind of campaigning. I sent emails to the entire Council, CM and City attorney letting them know what they were allowing was an infringement of First Amendmwnt rights and unethical campaiging on the taxpayers dime. No response, of course.

    Dave, Moore, Higgins, Quinn and Lamonte all took the high road, and I thank them for not insulting our intelligence.

    The City of LB should be embarrassed , the persons involved in social media should be fired and someone needs to take lead in campaign reform because the slime is not acceptable.

    Dave more than anyone received a lot of BS from the LB Dems and my heart goes out to Moore for having to campaign alongside the two men who let it happen. I hope she has the strength to shut them down (actually I know she does) and would honestly love to see her and the Repubs work together on term limits and stricter policy against mixing our government with politics around election time.

    What really stood out to me was how many influential people spoke out against the old Dems- people from several civic groups, organizations, and influential social media butterflies (who the City continuously, erroneously undermines the power of in collecting voices). People who were once supporters – myself included, were vocal online and on the street about the need for change, disatisfaction in the status quo and not feeling represented.

    Will either Torres or Eramo – and Goggin and Mandel who remain seated- will they actual reflect on this new reality?

  12. We get what we deserve. People supported and voted for Torres, Eramo, Adelson and Mandel. People accept the constant lies and coverups. From the beginning, this group, minus the guy they forced into jail, have followed the party leader and the corrupt playbook. They covered for the City Mgr in spite of the truth about his lack of experience. They gave fat contracts to the Police Commish, City Mgr and political cronies. All while the city was bankrupt. The borrowing has been insane. The bully tactics and misinformation has been worse than I’ve ever seen in all my years. They lie like most of us breathe. We get what we vote for. We should accept our own blame. This is shameful.
    Just my opinion.

  13. It would be interesting to know who voted for whom that reads this page. I feel like this is the only place you find out what’s really going on.

    But many people I talk to have no idea about the government issues in Long Beach. None. Literally, zero.

    No idea about iStar. No idea about bonding. No idea about pay/overtime. And not even like, “oh I think I heard something about that once.” Just flat out ignorance.

  14. There are a number of lawsuits in town by Clubhouse supporters against vocal critics. You can add that to their attempts to stifle free and open discussion.

  15. There’s about what …. 40 people who read this crap and spew their rants. Non factor. Type away and make yourselfs feel better. All nuts.

  16. My opinion( and that of MANY who I regularly speak to) remains the same. I refuse to vote for any of our current council members. So….for me that leaves:
    Moore: I do like her. I just hope she is able to be realistic about the needs of our city…not just spew idealistic plans for job corps and the environment.
    Higgins: I like how his job experience can help him oversee city hall. He surprised me at the debate. I really hadn’t considered him prior to that.
    Quinn: She is a lawyer and has done community affairs in NYC in the past. It would be nice to see her on the council. Her plan for monthly fiscal transparency intrigues me. We absolutely need that!
    LoMonte: he understands city hall from his time on the zoning board.

    (I vote for the candidate. I do not simply vote party line.)

  17. Most progressives think bonds are “free money”, so when you post some economic stats about bonds and property tax increases – hey, if I am renting an apartment in LB, why do I care about stuff like that?

  18. Yes, conservatives know that radical liberalism and socialism always implodes into fiscal bankruptcy. The big borrow-and-spenders always vote themselves funds from the government till until it can no longer support them.

    We’re watching the results here. Long Beach is bankrupt. It’s debt is unsustainable as feds and local vultures suck every last penny from the productive portion of Society. The payout and theft for friends and family continue to grow.

    Meanwhile, the liberals each promise to give more and more: Skate parks, Volleyball, Trolleys to nowhere, Trees we can’t water. Tax abatement to friends.

    Yes, Conservatives are licking their chops at the infighting while Rome burns.

    Note that between 2005 and 2014, the average household income here has declined 17%. (13% more than county average) The smart producers and owners are fleeing.

  19. The renters blame their “greedy landlords”, they don’t blame the City. Its not a renters vs owners issue, my comments relate to why you are never going to see any kind of fiscally competent or reform minded government in LB – the demographics make it impossible. The Democrats have the african-american and latino communities voting with them at 90%, most of the jewish community, most of the LGBT community, all the renters who as I noted could care less about property taxes. That’s over 50% of the City, there is no political opportunity to counter that with “who’s left” – that’s why its full speed ahead with taxes, bonding, overdevelopment, increased congestion from endless tourism promotion, etc.

  20. I am a stupid ass – here’s hoping they do wack you and all your pals then. Not a fireman at all tough ass – just a CPA who knows where the fat is – besides ur arz

  21. They didn’t disrespect firemen? Yeah you are a minion of Zapson . Lucky they didn’t wack the whole department?? What is this the F-troop mafia?? Zap thinks he is Gotti. Cruz and Robinson are his under bosses. I’m scared. In reality he is a sleazy attorney looking to get as much $$ from development. Consigliere is Agostisi nickname “the wet noodle.”

  22. A page out of the Liberal Playbook: Class envy. One more way to draw attention from the impending bankruptcy of mismanagement.

    Long Beach residents aren’t among the most economically sophisticated out there. Wave around the fact that firemen are earning more than their $12/hour and the fools climb on board the Class Envy Train.

    Shame on this City Council for pitting neighbor against neighbor while increasing our fire insurance rating and putting our kids’ lives at risk.

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