A controversial flag is publicly displayed and flying in Long Beach [opinion]

(My opinion on a flag that is being publicly displayed in Long Beach, NY, north of the Mason-Dixon line, USA.)

A confederate flag. The swastika-plane flying over the beaches made the news; in my opinion this is the same thing. I know. Freedom of speech, but this flag is highly regarded to be a symbol of something not good by sooooo many people. Also, we are in the North. We won that war. This flag makes me sick to my stomach. I believe in freedom of speech, so I am just expressing my opinion on something that’s publicly displayed in Long Beach. If that person has a right to display it, fine. I have a right to say it makes me want to vomit.

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  1. A quote …

    I suggest we follow the lead of Finkelman and Baptist and alter our language for the Civil War. Specifically, let us drop the word “Union” when describing the United States side of the conflagration, as in “Union troops” versus “Confederate troops.” Instead of “Union,” we should say “United States.” By employing “Union” instead of “United States,” we are indirectly supporting the Confederate view of secession wherein the nation of the United States collapsed, having been built on a “sandy foundation” (according to rebel Vice President Alexander Stephens). In reality, however, the United States never ceased to exist. The Constitution continued to operate normally; elections were held; Congress, the presidency, and the courts functioned; diplomacy was conducted; taxes were collected; crimes were punished; etc. Yes, there was a massive, murderous rebellion in at least a dozen states, but that did not mean that the United States disappeared. The dichotomy of “Union v. Confederacy” is no longer acceptable language; its usage lends credibility to the Confederate experiment and undermines the legitimacy of the United States as a political entity. The United States of America fought a brutal war against a highly organized and fiercely determined rebellion – it did not stop functioning or morph into something different. We can continue to debate the nature and existence of Confederate “nationalism,” but that discussion should not affect how we label the United States during the war.


  2. person flying it is probably ignorant in general let alone knowing American history…would like to see more stars and stripes in LB and less other country’s flags but thats another topic

  3. Geez some people really need to find something to do with their time. Or maybe even a different place to live. Not everyone sees this as a racial thing. Why does everything in this world have to be about race now a days?! Maybe the person is just proud of their Southern heritage. Really lets try doing something valuable with the time we are given. Maybe try volunteering. Cleaning up the neighborhood beach. Visit a senior center and make someone smile. So many more things going on in this world. Make you life count think about it…

  4. Before this was “news”, the majority did not view this flag as a “race” thing. The majority who like this flag only do so because they don’t think it stands for slavery (which I have no desire to debate). This is stupid. A flag with a swastika is a completely different story. That’s undebatable hate and offensive to even compare.

  5. Flying a flag that perpetuates racism whether or not you see it that way or whether or not that is the intent behind displaying it is does not change the fact fact that it is a symbol of slavery nor does saying it represents southern heritage -unless you wish to inherit hatred and ignorance and suppression – then by all means fly the flag.

  6. Being conscious of one issue (racism) does not make you unconscious of other issues or less likely to make someone smile. To say there are so many other things going on in this world is to avoid what is going on right in front of you, in your own community – again one does not outshine the other. To say that you know what is valuable and how to spend your time and to address racism in our community is not valuable is another way of deflecting responsibility and is also pretty ignorant considering the fact that racism has been an issue for a long time and is not a “now a days” issue. The notion that if you do not like something then go is always very dismissive or to leave your home. You can be proud of your southern heritage without flying a flag that is inherently racist- no matter what the intent – it does not change that fact.

  7. OMG! Is there a racist in Long Beach? I bet this is the guy who single-handedly managed to keep up the segregation in Long Beach (which is pathetically worse that it is the “Deep South”), Oh, no wait, that was City Hall, and the rest of us that are guilty of that.

  8. … (struggles to get their obese, diabetic, Waffle House-filled body up from the couch)… “ahh, we’ll rise later…”

    (plops back down, continues checking Facebook)

  9. A quick tally of the people crying about racism: Every liberal hanger-on who ever posts here.

    Come on guys! Every have a though of your own or do you let CNN and Newsday dictate every morsel of intellect you spew?

  10. The city council should immediately pass a law that anyone flying a hate flag loses there house. if they dont have a hous, then they have to give up 7/8 of whatever they have or $10,0000 whatever is more!

  11. Jerry Martin I love how you conservative die hards defend the “southern pride” aspect of the flag but when someone points out that this particular individual is clearly doing it with racist and bigoted intentions, your only defense is to resort to childish sarcastic remarks that just make you sound like you defend the hate.. Lol wait, is this your apt?? Hahaha what does the “liberal news” have to do with this guy repeatedly screaming the “N” word in public on a busy summer saturday in our town?? Try harder buddy.. I’m not calling for his censorship or for it to be taken down. I’m just pointing out to those who suggested that its probably a southern pride thing that in this case it is unquestionably about racism for this particularly unenlightened individual. I hope I didn’t use too many big words for you.

  12. It is more likely that the use of blame and the specific labeling of one side as conservative and the other as liberal has a direct relationship to media and the narratives of corporate news outlets like CNN and further conceals the matter at hand. The flag may have been flown as a symbol of pride or heritage during the war – but it is important to remember that heritage being defended by continuing to fly the confederate flag is one of fighting against the United States for slavery. This is one aspect of a larger issue. it will do no good to address systematic and institutionalized slavery by arguing online and pointing fingers. Thank you for posting this picture – it is my hope that the community will acknowledge the ways in which it may contribute to a racist society and instead of creating blame – begin to take overdue responsibility to treat one another with reverence and dignity that we all deserve.

  13. I also thought it was pretty funny how you suggested above that if someone doesnt like the confederate flag then they should buy the place and “can fly the homosexual rainbow flag if they like.” ..Hahaha! I guess in your simple mind, the logic is “if you’re offended by the confederate flag then you must be a gay liberal!” Lol.. Your time in history is over pal. You and those who think like you are dinosaurs and quickly becoming irrelevant and obsolete in a country of smart, young, hungry and positive thinking kids of all colors who see right through the b.s. propaganda that people like you followed so naively when you were growing up. Like Eli last night, you should probably just take a knee and hope the clock runs down quickly. Lol Go Gmen!

  14. What I’m getting from this discussion is that Jerry Martin really REALLY REAAAALY wants us to know that he dislikes black homosexuals!! He’s thought about it long- he’s thought about it hard (YEAH BABY) and he thinks about it often. Very often!

  15. My only principle on this is that in America, once can fly whatever flag they wish on their own private property.

    Isn’t that what liberals stand for? Or do you believe that freedom only applies to flags approved by your spokesmen?

    Don’t like it? Buy the house and fly whatever flag you like.

  16. Not buying the “guys was screaming N word” story. I believe this guy is trying to attract attention by flying the flag, because he can. And I think he should have his right to do so. After all, George Washington both owned slaves and smoked hemp (but he did tell the truth about the Cherry tree of course)

  17. I was offended when I saw this person’s Jeep and offended when I saw that he had put up this flag ( probably in response to the comments he received for the Jeep).

    I realize that was his goal; to offend me and to offend those who view me as an equal. He’s trying to say that he is somehow better than me because of the color his skin. So I brushed it off knowing that a reaction is just what he was looking for.

    However it’s some of the comments here that upset me the most. It is worse than his flag because at least he allows me to see who he is. It’s like a billboard for his hate and stupidity and I kind of appreciate that because it’s easy to see who he is and I can avoid him. Everyone else who makes these comments supporting him and saying that this is okay is hiding clear sight.

    I am proud to live my life in Long Beach and proud to be from NY. I was shocked when I left NY for college and had racists shout at me just for walking down the street with a person who’s skin color was different than mine. I was happy to come back to NY after such shocking experiences. But I realize that racism is strong here. It may be the person on line next to me at the grocery store, it may be the person riding his or her bike past me on the boardwalk, it may be the parent pushing his or her child on the swings at the park. This thought brings me to tears. To know that somehow simply my skin color in 2016 upsets my neighbors.

    Thank you to those of you who comment to the history of this flag as a symbol of segregation and racism. It reminds me that there are good people here too. Unfortunately ignorance is everywhere. Addressing the racism in our community is not a waste of time. It is not done because we have nothing better to do. It is because it is 2016 and there is no excuse for racism and racist symbols.

  18. Thanks Anthony for posting this. I walked by this home after the Street Fair on Sunday and I tried to look away, and pretend to not notice it. I’ve been a victim of racism (especially when I lived in Savannah GA). Racism is unfortunate, but we can stand together and teach with our hearts. II
    believe the greatest gift we have is the gift of choice.
    If someone choses to erect an evocative flag it’s important to realize that the neighbors have the same opportunity to express a prideful patriotic emotion with a flag of their own. One doesn’t have to live directly next to that Confederate flag waving person, but everyone could & should wave old Glory to hark their values.
    If someone is shadowing your values by claiming they can make “AMERICA great again” you have the opportunity to lift your flag and put your values down where it matters. (P.S. flags don’t shade solar panels as much as some large crowning trees)
    The thing that saddens me more about the confederate flag (and for some other reason the whole “make America Great Again” campaign, is the weak response to having the publics’ standards lowered. How come no one else isn’t bothered that a man (whose made a very very very very very very very nice living for himself is traveling across mine and your country Bluntly yelling “America is not great?”
    I wave my American flag High on every roof top I go to work on, and i wish to see more, and let our values transcend to those who are not as enlightened, but are willing to take the opportunity to learn about virtues of justice, moderation, and Courage.

  19. I believe this is the same townhouse where they flew the big yellow “don’t tred on me” flag.

    Clearly this guy likes attention and wasn’t getting the desired results with that flag or his bumper sticker covered jeep.

    He clearly has poor taste, but he’s well within his right to fly the flag.

    My personal thoughts are there is something going on with that condo. They had a unit for sale up there for a low figure not too long ago. They also just had some work done I the building.

    This could be his not so subtle fu to his fellow owners.

  20. Frank hits the nail on the head. This guy is hot on First Amendment rights with a little bit of “look at me” thrown in. No, he’s not a racist, no, the flag doesn’t represent oppression to him but States’ rights.

    And yes, the condo development he’s in is falling apart. Typical poor construction, probably mismanagement, and cheapest-bid contractors have left the owners with bills up the wazoo.

    And, as someone else here suggested, the Girly-men here who have to “shield their eyes” from the obscene sight should find a useful hobby and stop sucking the liberal media’s ass.

  21. If this blog and this specific entry represent anything, it would seem that no one tolerates eachother’s views and/or welcomes them. There is so much hatred right here on this blog.

  22. Instead of memorializing the slave owner’s (i.e. George Washington), it would be great to be humble and pay tribute to the millions of people who were enslaved and who had to fight for their right to be recognized as a human.

  23. You get offended too easily… I mean, being outright called names is a lot different from someone flying a 150 year old flag that they probably just think looks cool. I think you’re probably trolling.

  24. It is misinformation to believe that the war was fought for state’s rights or that the flag represents this fight. …” when each state left the Union, its leaders made clear that they were seceding because they were for slavery and against states’ rights. In its “Declaration of the Causes Which Impel the State of Texas to Secede From the Federal Union,” for example, the secession convention of Texas listed the states that had offended the delegates: “Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.” Governments there had exercised states’ rights by passing laws that interfered with the federal government’s attempts to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act. Some no longer let slave owners “transit” across their territory with slaves. “States’ rights” were what Texas was seceding against. Texas also made clear what it was seceding for — white supremacy” – Washington Post, July 1, By James W. Loewen

  25. You dont have to buy it because I’m not selling it buddy. It happened, and at least dozen people were there to witness it with me. I have no reason to make the story up and I agree he should have his right to fly it. I just want everyone like you to know the type of person you’re defending in this particular case. But you can believe whatever helps you sleep better at night.

  26. L.Lane: You are absolutely correct about “States Rights”. Southern wite trashies were still yapping about “States Rights” when they opposed President Eisenhower’s order to desegregate public schools in the south in 1957. General Ike backed up his order with lots of US Marshalls and the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. Ike was a Republican.

  27. Haha I cant waste anymore time here.. with the exception of L.Lane (who is clearly the most intelligent and mature person in this comment thread) and one or 2 others, everyone else here is a childish, priveleged, closed minded fool, and you know what they say about arguing with fools…

  28. Liberal litmus test…watch want you wish. Control of expression of one is bad precedent for all. Classical liberalism has fallen prey to collectivist ideologues. Free expression even if it hurts. Ask me when the American flag is burned.

  29. “How come no one else isn’t bothered that a man (whose made a very very very very very very very nice living for himself is traveling across mine and your country Bluntly yelling “America is not great?”

    Answer: Because we have an America-Hating Marxist Mooslum, who was elected by the Homo-Media, driving this Once Great Country….into the Toilet.

    That’s why.

  30. If it makes me a liberal ideologue to find it revolting that someone in the town I live in would fly this flag, then I’m glad to be one. What does it make you if you think it’s no big deal?

  31. I know a guy that flies a black skull and crossbones flag over his house. That does mean he is a pirate. He just likes the flag.

    This guy is flying a flag. Why? Who knows and who cares. It’s a flag. Shield your delicate eyes and come up with something else to complain about.

  32. Flying the confederate flag in New York State makes as much sense as flying the Turkish flag in Armenia. People are free in this country to be fools in public. That doesn’t make foolishness commendable.

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