Reform candidates Lomonte, Quinn, and Higgins win Independent primary

unnamedReformers Beat Incumbents to Show Voters Want Change
Lomonte, Quinn, and Higgins Win Independence Primary

Long Beach, NY – City Council candidates Angelo Lomonte, Catherine Quinn, and Brian Higgins emerged victorious in Thursday’s Independence Party primary. Lomonte, Higgins, and Quinn were challenging incumbent politicians Len Torres & Anthony Eramo and real estate broker Karen Adamo for the Independent Party nomination.

“This is just further proof that Long Beach voters are fed up with City Hall and with politicians like Len Torres and Anthony Eramo. Long Beach needs honest, independent leaders on our City Council – that’s why I’m running along with Angelo Lomonte and Brian Higgins,” said Catherine Quinn.

This upset defeat of the City Hall backed politicians adds further momentum to the common sense reform message of Lomonte, Quinn, and Higgins.

Angelo Lomonte, Catherine Quinn, and Brian Higgins are independent leaders running to bring honesty and transparency to City Hall. Pledging to freeze taxes, stop over-development, end political corruption, Lomonte, Quinn, and Higgins will reform Long Beach to improve the quality of life for Long Beach residents.


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9 Replies to “Reform candidates Lomonte, Quinn, and Higgins win Independent primary”

  1. Today’s Newsday Web site has an interesting article about Zapson refusing to resign despite his “Long Beach Democrat” party candidates losing the election.

    Refuse or not, it’s a done deal. Bob Solomon will be the new Democrat chairman for Long Beach. An ethical guy.

    You think the taxpayers will miss Zapson?

  2. Maybe he is removed from by new Dem committee, maybe . even then he will still control the council. Unless there is a Republican sweep this is the sad truth.

  3. I don’t care about party affiliation. I want HONEST, QUALIFIED council members running our city. People who are not beholden to anyone but the citizens of LB. We have the opportunity to put three in now. We can get the rest out soon.

  4. Vote. Get your friends and family to vote. get everyone you know to vote. LB people are quick to criticize, but when you ask if they voted they give you a blank look. VOTE!! Can you imagine ANY business that would hire Torres or Adelson for ANYTHING????? We made them our COUNCIL PRESIDENTS!!! Imagine Mandel in any business in a position of importance. He tells the Board of Directors “No questions”! Could you imagine that??? Yet we have these knuckleheads running our City!!


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