17 Replies to “The Bungalow East!”

  1. Now O’Rourke has two empty stores. One West and one East.

    Do you think the Long Beach Economic Development Corp. will step in and offer him a break on his $126,000 taxes?

  2. Went to the place on the corner once and awful service. Hope they can improve at the new location.
    Too bad the east end doesn’t have a decent restaurant after the departure of Geris.

  3. does anyone think this block is absolutely hideous? Between the purple at Keyfood – the banners / facade for the Beer/ Liquor store and now this – it seems everyone thought tacky was a good option

  4. O’Rouke owns the building the Bungalow is moving from and is their landlord. He also owns the vacant store on the West End. That’s a lot of taxes to pay on two empty buildings with no income.

  5. A corner deli would be nice. Keep it simple and small and CLEAN and it could be a gold mine. Or a Ralph’s, but I guess you’d need a big order window.

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