NEWSDAY: Appeals Court: Long Beach must pay $19M more for boardwalk properties

Newsday has more info on that piece I posted the other day [LINK]. I hope you folks have deep pockets.

Read @ Newsday: Appeals Court: Long Beach must pay $19M more for boardwalk properties

“The New York State Court of Appeals has levied a $19 million judgment against the City of Long Beach in nearly decade-old eminent-domain proceedings for the Superblock apartment-tower project along the boardwalk.”

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  1. Why is this not in Newsday? Instead they write about Zapson having a fit and he is not giving up power. Zapson is a crook and Newsday should report real news. Maybe they have been bought out too.

  2. This will have zero effect on the November elections – a majority of LB voters are immune to property tax increases or otherwise are motivated to vote for different reasons. The City will just bond this out, toss some yearly 15-20% tax increases over the wall, and everything is fine. Just bring on the yearly calendar mailing and that Sandy candlelight vigil at the end of October.

  3. The majority of voters work for the City or the school district, or are friends and family. Tax increases are a little more palatable when you know you didn’t stand a chance of securing a job in the private sector. Even if their raises don’t outpace tax increases, it’s better than being unemployed.

  4. As usual, Unsustainable, you are spot on. What is beginning to take shape though, is the financial ruin of the City. This happened in NYC in the 80s. The constant borrowing to cover up financial irresponsibility. Instead of tripling Gordie’s salary, or hiring an Economic Development Czar from the Brookhaven Dem Club, or giving the cops an unconscionable contract, they should have been focusing on real hard financial savings. Instead Torres and Adelson keep running to take pictures with the boy wonder. Mandel keeps eating donuts. Goggin, well if anyone can find her please let us know. And Eramo is still trying to run for governor. None are minding the store. None go anywhere in town to check on residents simply to see how we are. It is embarrassing. This issue could have been settled by this group of nitwits in 2012 for $12 million. Instead, they listened to the sheister Dem Leader and here we are. So sit back and watch the LB Bond Show cause it is starting a new season shortly.

  5. Tired, just tired of all this crap. As a life long resident (58 years) I’ve seen administrations come and go and it ends up being the same crap over and over. Not that I am giving the current administration a free pass on this one because the problem was created by previous admins but because they have exercised the same financial irresponsibility.

    $200,000 year cops, $200,000 beach maintenance supervisor, Really?!

    All in the backs of who…..taxpayers. At this point when I retire(if I get to retire, too busy paying high taxes,) I’m going to have to move away from my hometown and family because I will not be able to afford to live in my beloved Long Beach.

  6. The renters don’t care. Anyone connected to City government (directly and indirectly) don’t care. When you tally up the LB demographics, you having voting blocks that will never stray from Democrat line. The STAR program insulates most senior citizens from the feeling the full effect of taxes. What will happen here – the current administration will blame the “past administration” for this, and the tax surcharge will appear on your bill as a “legacy charge” just like the last one did. And most LB residents will accept that.

  7. About Newsday: Once a great newspaper, it is now the organ of the Dolan family, and Cablevision, their company.

    They have no interest in doing anything for the taxpayers. They support fully any politician who can possibly harm their money machine Cablevision, or might rise to a position in the future where he/she could harm CV.

    If a crook in LB helps CV, he is rewarded with great coverage, and if he screws CV he is hammered but good. Get real, The Dolans control all news on LI and lots of other places too.

  8. Repub, Dem neither really matters. It is about honesty and integrity. Who will care about our town? Will they simply take direction from a party leader? Will they do what is right, not what is easiest? These are the choices. People should wake up already and realize that what A Life Long Resident of Long Beach just wrote, will become a reality for many. The nitwits will be gone, but the damage they are doing now will ultimately dictate that many of us will be gone as well. And not of our choosing. Hold these Dem Sheep accountable. The first good sign was kicking Adamo in the butt outa here. Her sad Dem Club routine was embarrassing. Now get rid of Torres and Eramo. Residents’ interest have got to start being a priority. Not Torres’ and Eramo’s friends.

  9. Note to IDA (still considering an i-star tax abatement):

    “Land is everything. You’ve got land on the Atlantic Ocean. That’s a valuable item,” Leistman said. “You’ll see elephants fly before single-family homes are built on the boardwalk.”

    From the Newsday article.

  10. I speak to everyone I can to keep them informed. Eramo and Torres need to go! We (literally) can not afford to keep them on the board. tge LB Republicans vowed to at least try to freeze taxes….I really liked Moore, but I haven’t heard her fiscal plan yet.


    Why didn’t the residents know about this? Why did our Boy Wonder keep this quiet? Where are Adelson, Goggin, Mandel and Torres?? Where is Eramo? These people are always looking for a picture to take and a story to brag about. Why didn’t we know about this BEFORE PRIMARY DAY?????
    Where is Gordie when he should be “communicating” to the City?



  12. @sam – you have more owners than renters. Most renters are probably in a young, non voting subset demographic anyway – plus, they are likely registered to some other town on LI anyway. This won’t matter to you because you love blaming renters for things.

  13. Yes, Wow! My flood insurance is getting a 5% reduction on top of the 25% annual increase. Great work, Long Beach.

    NYC fought the flood maps and as a result, their flood plain is three feet higher than ours. So while a guy in Rockaway Beach doesn’t have to pay the flood “tax”, we’re looking at $4,000+ per year soon.

  14. If this is the end of the road for court ppeals and LB is stuck with this, that is a great reason for City Council to demand i-star pay its fair share of taxes, because that cash will be needed to cover this and whatever comes of the Haberman lawsuit.

  15. The Council already voted in favor of the tax REDUCTION for iStar. Why would they change their tune now? they knew about this judgment long ago. It would definitely make sense, but these nitwits are so clueless that the obvious escapes them.

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