REPORT: Aqua residents not happy with comfort station at Lincoln [RUMOR]

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.30.18 AMI am hearing reports how some Aqua (403 E Boardwalk) residents are not happy with the comfort station that’s going up on Lincoln Blvd. My source tells me it’s due to a decrease in parking spaces, plus a loss of ocean view for residents on lower levels.

While other comfort stations have already gone up at Riverside, Edwards, etc, Lincoln does still appear to be nothing, but a construction zone. Developing…… unnamed


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  1. where should they put it??? when you gotta go,you gotta go…their big building on the ocean that they paid millions of dollars for..Blocked 100’s of homes from feeling the ocean breezes,and even seeing the ocean …It’s called progress right???

  2. how about if they stop worrying about the view and cleaning up after themselves every time they leave the beach. Owners at Aqua, if you are renting out your apartments or letting visitors come please be aware that the people staying in that building come to the beach and sit all day. At the end of the day they leave their garbage all over the place and hope that the cabana boys will clean up before the seagulls get it or it blows in to the ocean. This is completely rude and disrespectful. You are ruining our beach

  3. Ridiculous if this station isn’t built. Were any other residents given a choice if they wanted bathrooms built on their block? Also a great point was made about how that building is blocking other apartments views.

    I’m a resident on E. Bdwy and will be directly impacted by the iStar BS, nobody asked me for my opinion and the city isn’t doing anything to stop it….hopefully the county holds their ground and denies the appeal!!!

  4. So meanwhile, while they are debating this place to take a crap, the entire summer the parking was diminished. What a bunch of asshats they are in this city. The neighboring building didn’t want the Aqua built as it was and blocking their view and putting up a wall smack up against their deck areas, but they didn’t grease anyone’s palm so it was built. You grease, you slide.

  5. The Aqua, which is only 25% sold has complained to the City about the location of the bathrooms blocking their view. Since the loss of an ocean view would greatly diminish values, and since buyers were within reason to assume that the bed of a street would remain unchanged, a good argument could be made that this constitutes a “taking” of property right from them.

    The City would then have to reimburse those folks for their loss.

    So… the City’s laying back and looking for someone to make a decision.

    That may take a while.

  6. So iStar is going to lower my property value….. how is that fair??

    Also…some millionaire complains so they stop building? How about the people who paid 750K for their homes that will be obstructed wherever the new location will be??

    Lastly…..the bathrooms are being built on public property, not the aquas so they can’t complain and look for money back. If that’s the case then iStar should owe everyone on E Bdwy btwn LB and Riverside $$$

  7. The city doesn’t “have” to build a comfort station there. The owners of that vacant lot have to build something to not waste money. You can’t assume a lot is going to be vacant when you purchase something in front of it. Anyway, sorry – that does suck.

  8. Sorry for the view loss but with people surfing on Lincoln YEAR round it would be nice to have surfers Change at the comfort station instead of in front of our houses.

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