WTC Monument Protection

Regarding the WTC Monument, it was suggested how the steel is rusting and needs protection from salt air. With that, another reader emailed me the following bit of info:

“The beam was originally painted c. 1970 in the shop where it was fabricated.  Standard spec in those days was one coat of red oxide primer.  Red oxide primer is elcheapo primer and was only done to protect the steel till the building covered it up.

You will note that the color is just like barn red paint.  Both Red oxide primer and barn red paint use the same pigment which is iron oxide, a by product of steel making.  It is really cheap and effective if used correctly.  As a steel primer, if exposed to the elements it must have several layers of permanent paint applied over it  and repainted from time to time.

I’m no paint expert, but perhaps this suggestion is necessary? This beam is such an important monument, so I’ll try to contact somebody at the VFW to see if something is planned or could be planned.

Note: I am generally interested. Not trying to stir up a controversy.

Photo Credit: Long Beach VFW Post 1384
Photo Credit: City of Long Beach

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  1. The beam, left as it is, will eventually be covered with surface rust. It won’t disappear and it woun’t weather away. It will just look rusty. Water running off it will permanently stain the sandstone base and sidewalk.

    A decision has to be made as to whether a new coat of paint would offer the desired effect or whether the beam should be left to weather naturally in the elements.

  2. why don’t you ask why they don’t paint a lot of other things instead of an old rusty beam. nothings going to happen to it, and if it does, it will be the way it was meant to be. worry about something better holy shit

  3. Jay and Jerry: The LaGuardia parking garage and, Ford Foundation building near the UN, and Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn are all clad wih “Cor-Ten” steel , a steel created by US Steel for structures like railroad bridges which in rural areas get nearly no maintenence. In the 60’s and 70’s, architects used it to be diifferent and original, on building exterior’s where it laid an egg.

    The WTC structure was all plain mild structural steel which I assure both of you, will in time disolve into dust if left as is.

    Take a walk to the bayfront and look at the fairly recently built bulkheads. They were coated with exotic green epoxies at the factory. Look over the railing at the part of the bulkheads that are exposed at low tide and under water at high tide. You will see a festival of rust.

    The memorial beam was made to be within a heated and cooled building for its entire lifetime. It would be idiotic to use Cor Ten in that application–too costly and unnecessary.

    The preservation of the beam should be overseen by preservation experts not a clod with a bucket of paint and a brush.

  4. FYI:Iron Oxide WTC Monument: Problem,Steel is an allow with Iron as it’s main component.The presence of iron(FE) responsible for the development of rust..via the chemical combination of Oxygen(O2) to produce the compound rust(Fe203,Fe3O4) otherwise named ferrous and ferric oxides.Red oxide primers and paints DO NOT contain rust.They are named for the compound that they prevent from forming.Their ingredients are highly flammable and are carcinogenic,ie.Benzene, Xylene,Acetone Barium metaborate,and Titanium Oxide.Aerosoles produced by spraying/painting should not be inhaled.It happens that the colors avaialable are red,gray,black,whit..created by the addition of harmless pigments.Rust not included!

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