FREE Coastal Storm/Hurricane Preparedness & Response class [Monday, Sept 21st]

Please join us on Monday, September 21st at 7pm on the 6th floor of City Hall for our FREE Coastal Storm/Hurricane Preparedness & Response class! All are invited, pizza and drinks will be provided! Please share this post on your timeline to help us spread the word. Certificates of completion will be handed out at the end of the night!

3 Replies to “FREE Coastal Storm/Hurricane Preparedness & Response class [Monday, Sept 21st]”

  1. A great idea. Hopefully the content will be useful and presented by folks with some qualifications and not just more political hacks.

    After Sandy, those who were resourceful were back home in days, while many others waited months to even start planning.

    This is indeed a step in the right direction.

  2. Please take the time to come.

    Do you have a To Go Bag? Do you have all your important papers scanned on a thumb drive, ever think of sending it to a trusted friend or relative out of the Zone?

    Coming up on three years we have come some distance in self reliance. We are far from being prepared if a storm comes. Are you ready to shelter in place? Do you have a plan? How much water do you have on hand? Manual can opener?

    Disasters and emergencies come in many forms. Fires, blizzards, blackouts. It’s a new scary world. We can no longer bury our heads in the proverbial sand.

    We must come together as a Community and work with all organizations. Disasters don’t give a crap what political party you are from, so I kindly request you keep your fingers from the keyboard making statements. 🙂

    Like your local COAD on Facebook or your favorite social media platform.

    p.s. Plus you don’t have to cook. Pizza!!

  3. This is self-promotion masquerading as community service. Go attend and judge for yourself just how useful the presentation is.

    Nothing this City does – NOTHING – is on the level. The City is promoting a private commercial enterprise under the guise of informing it’s residents on preparedness. The whole thing’s a joke. Typical LB.

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