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  1. It means they stink as an ER. Went there got a pain in my foot and swelling in my leg. Did X-rays and couldn’t find anything wrong. Gave me a prescription for antibiotic and an air cast for my ankle. Told me to follow up with an orthopedist. Turns out I had a broken foot. Never going there again. I will ask to be taken to Winthrop next time

  2. Interesting that South Nassau has enough money to create colored, die-cut flyers to advertise, but not enough to actually provide Long Beach with the quality care they promised when they took the FEMA money.

  3. keep whining carly. It’ll do you a lot of good to dwell in the past. Why don’t you do something about the corrupt city governance instead of complaining

  4. @Carly, you said it! FEMA awarded $174 million dollars to restore medical services to Long Beach. Senator Schmuck Shumer OK’ed that money to go to South Nassau in Oceanside. Right now South Nassau has on their website and advertisement/RFP for a management company to oversee the construction of a 60,000sq ft addition to the Oceanside campus “paid for with FEMA funds”. I don’t care what the reputation of the old LBMC was, or what crook worked there, a 60,000 square ft addition in Oceanside is no closer when you’re having a medical emergency like a stroke or heart attack. And things like strokes and heart attacks can NOT be treated in the sham of an ER they gave us. Everyone in Long Beach would have gone ape-shit if they thought some of our boardwalk money was being spent in Island Park. The first time you’re in an ambulance, or your aging parent, or God forbid, your child, then you’ll realize just how stupid you were not to demand that the money be spent here in Long Beach.

  5. @Unsustainable, as an aging parent myself, this troubles me too. However, I wonder how effective at treating strokes and heart attack the old Long Beach Hospital was, even before Sandy.

  6. @MHC. PLEEEASE STOP wondering about the reputation of the old LBMC. It wasn’t all bad, but yes, it had a bad reputation, riddled with political corruption, graft, mismanagement, etc I’m sorry, but It’s a pointless endeavor to base needs on past performance/reputation. $174 MILLION dollars in FEMA money is quietly being siphoned off. Aging parents, grandparents, our children, our medically undeserved population are being robbed. God forbid, yourself, or anyone else in town has a stroke or a heart attack, or one of our kids gets hit by a car, they still have to be transported off the barrier island, across bridges (that are often open or not functioning), through traffic, all the way to Oceanside. People are making statements that in rural America the nearest hospital can be 75 miles away. That’s an issue for rural America. We have a unique situation. Different than anyway else in Nassau County and even NY State AND WE WERE AWARDED $174 MILLION to restore proper medical services to LONG BEACH, not Oceanside. Besides not providing the services we need, our ambulance crews from LB, PL, and AB are all off the barrier island for way too long transporting patients to as far away as Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow. Yes, most people are arriving at SNCH alive, but there is no record to show how many strokes, heart attacks, etc left people in a more debilitated state and yet scientific evidence proves that the longer a patient is not given the advanced medical care that only a HOSPITAL can provide, the greater the likelihood that the damages are irreversible.

  7. @Unsustainable – you nailed it. People really don’t get that they’re being stolen from. $174 million was given to you (LB residents) for a hospital – someone else took it.

    It’s no different than if you totaled your your car – insurance paid you out – gave you a worse car and used the bulk of the money to buy your neighbor a better car. But it’s ok, because it meets your needs, and you’re neighbor will let you borrow it every now and then, and clearly, you didn’t take great car of your old car.

  8. @Unsustainable and West End Tom. Thank you. LBMC was awarded 174 million dollars by FEMA for damages to the medical center as a result of Super Storm Sandy. Due to the fact, that LBMC could not get permission from the New York State Department of Health “after” spending over 20 million dollars to make repairs to the West Wing Emergency Department prior to June 2013 and following the Berger Report recommendations to reduce its size from, 162 Hospital beds to 80 Hospital beds, it followed NYS Department of Health recommendation to “merge” but it was more of a straight “take over” by another, “not for profit” Hospital, SNCH. And declared Bankruptcy so LBMC center could deliver to SNCH its land and buildings Debt free, which it did, so the FULL 174 million dollars in FEMA funds could be utilized for “construction of medical services.” The fact that SNCH has proposed that 40 million of the 174 million be utilized in Long beach for SNCH Wing which includes a 24-7 Ambulance receiving emergency department and possibly establishing other OUT patient services, is a step in the right direction, but it is such a” loss of funds”, for Long Beach, and our Barrier Island has be “so accepting” of SNCH spending the bulk of the FEMA funds in Oceanside rather than Long Beach. The Barrier Island “could have had” a state of the art Emergency Department, specializing in pediatric and geriatric , surgical intensive care and trauma, as well as the establishment of much needed out patient services for dialysis, drug and alcohol treatment, physical therapy , behavioral and family services. “There still is time”, because SNCH has not said how it will spend the balance of the 174 million minus 40 million of FEMA funds. RATHER, than SNCH conducting the study of what medical services are needed on the Barrier island, Saint Francis and Winthrop University Hospital should conduct such study, because they would be” impartial”, as SNCH proved its not, by stating the Berger Report is an” OUTDATED” study. We care so much about the tax abatement, non tax abatements and judgments associated with the Super Block, but yet, ” little outcry” when the bulk of 174 Million in FEMA funds are spent in Oceanside rather than Long Beach. Where is the Barrier Islands priorities?

  9. Never mind the naysayers, Anthony – many of us love the silly posts! We may not have anything clever to comment, but we always get a smile, or a good laugh! Unicorns and pizza delivery drones FTW!!

  10. @Jerry and WestEndTom, I never underestimate the stupidity of LB’ers or their misguided priorities. However, City Council and the City Manager did not make this a priority in the minds of residents by fully supporting the effort to retain the $174 million and restore our medical services. They made lackluster attempts at rallies put on by various civic groups, namely Beach to Bay Civic Association, and issued innocuous statements so as not to piss off former Senator Alfonse D’Amato. D’Amato, as it has been discussed ad nauseam, is behind the redirecting of the $174 million out of Long Beach. His buddies, as well as the executive VP of his lobbying firm Park Strategies, were installed on the board of South Nassau. It’s public record that SNCH paid his firm to lobby for FEMA funds related to storm damage at the old Long Beach Medical Center. Over the past 7 or 8 years SNCH has paid Alfonse over $800,000 to lobby. His Island Park buddy is developing the property directly across the water, the old Paddy McGee’s-Coyote Grill, etc site into a “Gated Hamlet” with the backing of various politicians. SNCH has been buying up properties in and around the LBMC grounds, why? Perhaps another gated hamlet? a big housing development? It’s anyone’s guess. Why do you think D’Amato showed up and ridiculed the City Council over the iStar tax abatement? Perhaps to look like a savior or a guy that really cared about the residents of Long Beach. Why would he give a shit? He lives in Lido. Anyway, he had people applauding and shaking his hand on the way out of the meeting. Maybe he wants iStar to fail so he can get in on developing the Superblock parcel??? Don’t be fooled,, Al D’Amato and his people are behind the money grab. His exceutive VP that sits on the SNCH board is from Rockville Centre, as is the CEO of SNCH, as is Dean Skelos, as are a cast of characters all pushing for that 60,000 SQ FT addition being shopped by SNCH.(with FEMA funds, our FEMA funds). They’re all buddies. The only hold-up from what I understand is that the IRS is now making SNCH perform a community medical needs assessment on Long Beach. Sort of like letting the Iranians inspect their own nuclear facilities.

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