Planters on Park Avenue

This has been a hot topic on Project 11561, so please head over there and check out the amusing conversation. Of course we all love flowers, but it seems odd to plant more stuff that needs watering (trees, anyone?). And flowers in September? hmm..  Anyway, I always welcome beautification, so WELCOME, FLOWERS!

Photo Credit: Larry
Photo Credit: Larry

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7 thoughts on “Planters on Park Avenue”

  1. There was a time when Park Avenue, and most of the broad avenues were truly pretty gardens. The need for parking eradicated the rows of mature walnuts and sycamores that lined Park Avenue into the early 1960’s.

    Center medians were all grassy fields with plantings before that.

    The suburban sprawl we see here results from our love affair with the automobile. Some towns have tried replacing parking with pedestrian malls, moving the parking behind the stores. That’s been met with mixed success.

    A long gone park and bandshell at the boardwalk by the foundation block was also a pretty green space. And PArk Avenue had that huge fountain in front of the station.

    Lots of room for improvement here. We could learn from our past for sure.

  2. These will turn into a baked bowl of dead brown plants in the summer, if not most seasons ..
    Better suggestions, in both Downtown and (Especially) West End:
    Remove and sell off the large street light poles, and replace with “gaslamp/village” looking shorter streetlights, for a more cozy/friendly atmosphere. Also, replace the corner section slabs of sidewalk at each street to cobblestone…

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