Reader question regarding heavy police presence on Park Avenue going east

A reader writes:
“Did you or anyone else notice the abundance of police officers on Park Avenue ticketing drivers for God knows what? Must of been 5 maybe 6 cop cars, a motorcycle and one guy on foot.

Is this the response to the $19M lawsuit?

Maybe it’s a city fundraiser, but I really think it’s a response to school being open. I’m happy seeing the the heavy enforcement. There are so many cars speeding that way with kids trying to cross the streets = dangerous situation. I wish the LBPD did it more often.

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  1. It’s a “full compliance initiative,” where each driver is scrutinized and given a summons for any violation found.

    These people work for you. Election day’s coming.

  2. There’s an established speed zone starting around Lindell of 15mph. NOBODY observes that speed. Now that school is back in session, I try to do so and get the finger or horns blown at me as people speed around me. I wish the police could be there occasionally to see how fast the traffic flies through that school zone.

  3. I noticed a few cars pulled over this week . More this week than in the last 15 years.
    Why would anyone get upset by this? There has been no traffic enforcement for as many years as I can remember making for very unsafe conditions.

  4. All this does is force more traffic onto the side streets. I rarely use Park anymore since the speed limit was lowered, and this just confirms to me that I made the right choice. The 15MPH speed limit on Park and Lindell is not warranted – because there are no students in the street there. The one in the west end makes sense, but the one on Lindell does not.

  5. Sam, there are students and parents who cross Park at Lindell to get to and from school. Stop and watch for five minutes how many people speed, go through red lights (oh it JUST TURNED RED< I CAN GO THROUGH SEEMS TO BE A SPECIAL LICENSE PEOPLE HAVE), turn without looking, etc, etc,,,

  6. 15 MPH speed on Park Ave is unrealistic and designed to make it easier to write speed tickets and find other violations. If politicians were interested in making driving safer then they would enforce the unlicensed motorist sections alot better. Also they would raise the qualificagions to get a license and register a car in the first place. Think about how politicians make it so easy to drive and own a car by such things as giving the tests in multiple foreign languages. Accomadating illegal aliens by not asking where ghey are from and why they are here, etc etc. Wake up, and realize the ticket game is just to raise revenue so the politicians can keep themselves and family members in no show useless jobs.
    When a politician starts saying that he cares about “our children” then hold on to your wallet tightly.

    It wzs previously said that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, well change it to “caring for our chidren as the last refuge for scoj drel politicians”

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