Candidates Launch New Website Outlining Common Sense Platform Calls for Transparency & Respecting Taxpayers

Long Beach, NY – Candidates Angelo Lomonte, Catherine Quinn, and Brian Higgins announced this week the launch of their new website,, in order to highlight their platform and lay out common sense solutions to improve quality of life in Long Beach. In the meantime, their opponents, incumbent politicians Len Torres and Anthony Eramo, are having to defend their failed policies of seeking tax breaks for wealthy developers, raising taxes and fees on residents, and politics as usual at City Hall.

“For too long politicians like Len Torres and Anthony Eramo have disregarded taxpayers and worked for themselves, not our community,” said Higgins. “We’re taking our message of respect for residents and common sense solutions for a better City right to voters – and seeing tremendous support.” also highlights a few of the challenges facing Long Beach, has background on the candidates, and gives residents the ability to communicate with Lomonte, Quinn, and Higgins to share their ideas for a better Long Beach.

Angelo Lomonte, Catherine Quinn, and Brian Higgins are independent leaders running to bring honesty and transparency to City Hall. Pledging to freeze taxes, stop over-development, end political corruption, Lomonte, Quinn, and Higgins will reform Long Beach to improve the quality of life for Long Beach residents.


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3 Replies to “Candidates Launch New Website Outlining Common Sense Platform”

  1. Hmmmm. Candidates with good education and professional careers. Seemingly from outside the local political sphere. Sounds great to me on the surface.

  2. Spending 174 million in FEMA Hospital funds in Long Beach rather than Oceanside, makes Long Beach safer. Common sense, states that the “financial success” of any Not a Profit Medical center on the Barrier Island is based upon a fair Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance reimbursement Rate. Common sense states that having Saint Francis and Winthrop University Hospital conduct the study of what medical services are needed on the Barrier Island rather than SNCH will result in a more Objective study.

  3. Long Beach residents want boardwalk fairs, skate parks, food trucks, support for endless tourism and congestion, etc. You can’t reach them with a message of responsible government. Just lower the speed limit another 5MPH, issue some more bonds, tell them the yellow water coming out of their faucets is “fine”, and mail out that yearly calendar with the pretty photos of the beach – and you’ve got their vote.

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