3 Replies to “Photo of the day”

  1. Vacant stores right under City Hall’s noses – as well as right around the corner from our so-called Chamber of Commerce – and not a peep about it from either of them.

    There is a serious disconnect between this administration and the small business community, and the Chamber is doing nothing to bridge that disconnect. Somebody needs to stand-up for the small business community of LB. The Chamber and the City are just too self-absorbed to do it. Both organizations need a change at the helm. Anybody would be better than what we have now.

  2. RE: The Chamber of commerce. Historically the C of C has loaned the LB Dem club office space and telephones for the election campaigns. I don’t know if money changes hands or if it is legal or illegal but a careful observer will see them working the phones. All of this activity involves known Dem politicians and ends the day after election day. Look for yourselves. Take pictures and post them.Goes on nightly till 8-9 pm.

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