OPINION: Move all the boardwalk fairs to Park Avenue

12006221_10153441095483889_1709284971694622681_nI missed last night’s League of Woman’s Voters Campaign Forum, but I got the gist from folks who did go. One comment which is exciting my circle of friends came from Republican candidate Brian Higgins, who brought up the idea of moving fairs off the boardwalk and on to Park Avenue to boost local business. I just asked Brian for a comment and this is what he had to say:

“I think fairs on Park would be a boon to our local businesses. The store owners could set up a table in front of their stores and invite patrons inside to view their other wares. People would patronize the restaurants rather than outside vendor carts. People would see the real estate listings. We could incorporate Kennedy plaza into the fairs.”

Echoing Brian’s opinion, I have personally spoken to several business owners regarding this very topic, including two who recently closed shop. They agree, directly pointing to these boardwalk fairs as unfair competition with outside vendors selling competing products. I went to several fairs this summer and did not see an increase in foot traffic on Park Avenue. I say: Boardwalk Fairs are unfair to local business. Thats my opinion and I’m sticking with it.