Sandy stuff. Tonight @ 6:30pm, Kennedy Plaza. Receive a free City of Long Beach flag. ‪#‎LBNYstrong‬

Photo by #flushingtoilets #LBNYstrong #symbolofhope

Today marks the third anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. I really don’t have much to say. It’s just one of those times I try not to think about: seeing neighbors emptying their homes on to the curb, mount sandy at the superblock, Red Cross and the military feeding us, me yelling at two old lady scavengers who dumped garbage on my lawn, flooded cars waiting to be towed, porta potties on every corner, giant garbage trucks carting away our belongings, damaged stores, no place to get gas, seeing wooden beams on the beach under the sand that we never knew existed, walking around thinking Long Beach would never be the same again. It all just seems like a bad dream.

I remember seeing that YOU CAN FLUSH TOILETS sign as a beacon of hope, symbolizing the first true rebuilding phase of our great city. That sign brought a tear to my eye. Of course, here I am three years later, flushing my toilet like crazy with absolutely no thought of those dark times; completely taking life for granted. But these Sandy Anniversary events like the one tonight are here to remind us of what we’ve been through and how there’s still a lot more work to be done. So many residents are still displaced, lifting homes, scraping for whatever help they can get, holding on to that dream that one day Long Beach will once again have a hospital (never going to happen.)

Event details from our city:

Please join your friends and neighbors tonight at 6:30 in Kennedy Plaza to commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. All in attendance will receive a free City of Long Beach flag. ‪#‎LBNYstrong‬