A Tale of Two Party Bosses [I am so confused]


First there was this letter:


But Newsday reports the following:

“Ousted city Democratic leader Mike Zapson held one election party with Eramo and Torres, while Moore joined newly elected Long Beach Democratic Committee Chairman Rob Solomon at a another party. Moore later joined Eramo and Torres and expressed disappointment that they had not initially shared the win together.

Solomon assumed the Long Beach leadership last month, while Zapson has continued to lead the old Long Beach Democratic Committee.  [Newsday: Amid Democratic infighting, Long Beach elects its first African-American woman to city council]

Now over at Long Beach Matters To You,  the following comment was printed:

“It was an absolute landslide victory for the Democratic team in Long Beach. This mandate validates the hard work of the Democratic administration, and it serves as clear evidence that the people agree – the City is moving in the right direction!

We w
ould like to thank our hundreds of volunteers who helped along the way – from knocking doors to making phone calls – our team did an amazing job. The Long Beach Dems remain an incredibly strong and united organization, and that’s because of your support for the local team. We are an independent group, unaffiliated with any county organization, and we will continue to work together to make sure Long Beach gets better all the time. Long Beach Democrats know Long Beach best!

Together, we will continue the progress and keep Long Beach moving forward – just as our local team has for the past four years. 

– Michael G. Zapson”

Under that, the new democratic leader Robert Solomon states the following:

“We are building a bigger, more engaged, more optimistic democratic party. I am working on this right now with our team. I do not see the rationale for the continued divisiveness given the obvious success of the new democratic committee and i will choose instead to thank and welcome the hundreds who have contributed their time and money for a different local vision of long beach.

So how long can Long Beach sustain two democratic parties?  This is confusing. I’m confused.