Cuomo vetos Port Ambrose/LNG [opinions]

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally vetoed Port Ambrose.  Welcoming news to all who are concerned about terrorism and the environment. In a community still recovering from Sandy, I cannot understand why anybody would want this port within our region. I also cannot understand the endless desire to industrialize our ocean. Leave nature alone.  The whales and fish need all the help they can get.

Yes, I get it. The port was 14 or so miles away, but that’s not the point. There are better ways to reduce heating costs, as well as alternative means of energy. It was not Port Ambrose. This port was not going to lower your heating costs. That was nothing, but a lie. Just like when you vote for a politician who tells you they will lower your taxes. It’s never going to happen. Ever. This port was only designed to benefit those who were directly involved with it. That does not include you.

This is all my opinion, but for those who really want to know who projects like these benefit,  please read this article from Newsday last week: Adam Skelos looked to profit from fracking, documents say

Want to put giant windmills up that will give us energy? Fine. I wish we could utilize that garbage dump in Oceanside. I wish we could just load that mound up with solar panels and call it a day. Whatever. I am sure I’ll get some people commenting saying how this port was good for us, but I’m just going to ignore you. I am very happy by today’s news. Thank you, Gov. Cuomo. You made the right choice.