ShotSpotter Flex Gunfire Alert and Analysis System [Reader Opinion + These microphones are on tonight’s CC agenda]

I don’t know the deal with these Shot Spotter microphones, which are being installed all over our city by the sea, but a reader weighs in with their opinion.

“Just passing along the installation of Shot Spotter antennas around town that I noticed.  Unlike what is being told to the public, it appears that the devices are being installed across Long Beach and not just by the projects.   shotshotNext time you drive south down Long Beach Boulevard,  you can see an antenna-microphone mounted on the street lamp arm just north of East Beech Street.  There’s also one on Broadway near the Allegria.  They mount near the end of the street light arm, and plug into the little photocell on top of the light for power.  They consist of a round “lollipop” microphone shrouded with a fabric covering to protect it from snow and weather.  There is a small transmitter in a box just below the antenna.  If the power goes out they don’t work. by the way.

When the microphone hears a loud noise, it triangulates with other microphones to determine the exact location of the origin.  Then it turns on cameras (we haven’t see them yet, but we will) and sends this information to a Windows-based PC program in the police station.

Don’t have a picture [SBTC does], but I’m sure someone will be asking about them and now you’ll have the answer.

Politically, it sucks to live in a neighborhood that needs “Shot Spotter”.  Pathetic action in my opinion.

These Shotspotters happen to be a topic on tonight’s City Council agenda:

“Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into an Agreement with ShotSpotter Flex Gunfire Alert and Analysis System and to Amend the Budget.

Legislative Memo: This is the second step in the implementation of this system. ShotSpotter is a state of the art law enforcement tool designed to provide law enforcement agencies with the benefit of real-time gunshot alerts that identify the location where a gunshot incident occurred, obtain situational intelligence of what transpired, reduce law enforcement response times, and act as a deterrent to gun violence. Funding in the full amount is provided through an Inter-Municipal Agreement with the County of Nassau.