Loop Parkway Bridge Repairs?

Loop_Pkwy_ShieldOver at Project 11561 was the following rumor:

“Getting word that the Loop Parkway bridge will be worked on soon and, there is a very good change the Parkway will be shut down for a extended period of time.”

A quick scan on the DOT page points to this project, which is currently in development [LINK]:

Project ID No. 080925

This project proposes to provide repairs on two drawbridges, Meadowbrook State Parkway over Sloop Channel and Loop Parkway over Long Creek, including electrical and mechanical system improvements. Town of Hempstead, Nassau County.

Project Status
  • The current status of the project is In Development.
  • The Bid Opening is expected to be in Fall 2015.
  • Construction is expected to begin in Winter 2015/2016.
  • Construction is expected to be completed in Fall 2017.

This is obviously big news, as that bridge is in desperate need for a fix. Those who got stuck on it this morning know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s going to be a major nuisance, but it’s inevitable. Let’s hope it’s done quickly and correctly. Bonus points if they add a bike lane on that bridge for a future path.