Some residents are not happy with the 5 Story Multi-dwelling proposal for Roosevelt Blvd/E. Broadway [Opinion]

On the zoning calendar for Dec. 17:

Case #2621: Application of Jacqueline Zapson of 93 Kerrigan Street, Long Beach, NY and Summit Development & Management Corp. of 34 Shore Park Road, Great Neck, NY for a variance from the following sections of the Zoning Code of Ordinances of the City of Long Beach, NY: 9-105.12 (B) Height; 9-105.12 (C) Lot Area; 9-105.12 (D) Building Area; 9-105.12 (E) Front Yard; 9-105.12 (F) Side Yard for construction of a new 5 story multiple dwelling at 70 Roosevelt Boulevard, Long Beach, NY also known as Section 59, Block 205, Lot 5 on the Nassau County Land and Tax Map. [LINK]

With that, I was asked to share the following petition: Long Beach Residents AGAINST the House at 70 Roosevelt Blvd becoming a 5 Story Building, which states the following:

“Real Estate Attorney Mike Zapson’s wife and an out-of-town property developer are applying to the Zoning Board for permission to knock down a two story house and turn it into a 5 STORY APARTMENT BUILDING.

The hearing is on Thursday December 17th on the 6th floor of City Hall.

Its already an over congested area, and their is no hardship. This appears to be a blatant attempt at overdevelopment of the area.

They are applying for additional height,  building area square footage,  encroachment on the front and side yards.

We residents need to not allow this manipulation of our valuable land to happen. Please sign the Petition against it.” [LINK]

I don’t know what’s going on here. I’m not expert on zoning, but the precedent has been set on Broadway to have this type of development, so it makes me wonder how much power residents can have with this one.  Just my opinion. (Sorry, folks. Just trying to be a realist here…)