A statement from the City of Long Beach regarding flooding

Many of my readers tell me they don’t have facebook, so I figured I’d share this here since they might not see it otherwise. This is a message from our city regarding flooding:

A statement from the City of Long Beach…
We have been through a great deal in Long Beach over the past several years, and we remain in constant contact with our residents who live in our lowest elevation zones during significant weather events. The flooding that Long Beach and our neighboring communities are enduring is exactly why our City Council stepped up and stated that the routine flooding that had been common in our City for decades prior to Sandy is unacceptable. This administration will not stop fighting until we finish the $30M of infrastructure and drainage enhancements that our City Council has aggressively advocated for so we can finally achieve comprehensive flood mitigation. There are major, comprehensive projects in the works that the City continues to move as fast on as the state will allow. In the meantime, we will continue to do everything we can to alleviate flooding that has been a problem for way too long for all of us, not only in Long Beach but for the entire south shore. [LINK]

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