[UPDATED] Gerard Terry watch list [OPINIONS]

Source: Newsday everyday (as of February 9th. I will update when I get official news, not rumors.)

  • North Hempstead Democratic Party Chairman (RESIGNED)
  • Commissioner at the Nassau County Board of Elections (RESIGNED)
  • Attorney for the North Hempstead board of zoning appeals (TERMINATED)
  • Representing the Roosevelt Library Board (TERMINATED)
  • Attorney for Long Beach Housing Authority (TERMINATED)
  • Attorney for Freeport Community Development Agency (STILL ACTIVE)

Some background info. Check out this column written by Joye Brown: Gerard Terry case shows intersection politics and patronage

“Why would people be upset about Democrat Gerard Terry, the former North Hempstead political leader who lost four of his six part-time, publicly funded jobs last week?

Maybe because he’s more than $1 million behind in his state and federal income tax obligations?

Or because he managed to get, and hold, six part-time jobs with local governments? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. [Newsday – LINK]

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