The pen is mightier than the sword

Felt the intimidation last night? The pen is mightier than the sword. Write to the IDA:

Joseph J. Kearney
Executive Director, Nassau IDA

So I’m reading many reports of the bullying and intimidation that went on against the residents at the IDA public meeting. Again, I don’t want to turn this into an anti-union post. I really don’t. The resident frustration has nothing to do with them. It’s all about taxes on extremely rare oceanfront property that is walking distance to the LIRR. The intimidation did happen and it cannot be ignored. Now, I have heard from a great number of people how many union members that were there had absolutely no clue what the meeting was even about. They were told to just sit there and take up a seat. It was definitely a tactic. Here is what happened to me:

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I was waiting outside for about 45 minutes trying to get in. A couple of union guys were going up and down the line telling us how unions do wonderful things for the Vets and how can we not support them with this project. I knew by their tone they were trying to intimidate us.  Maybe because I was bored and freezing, but I had to open my big mouth: “This has to do with taxes. Many of us residents are trying to rebuild after Sandy and we are hurting…. .” Before I was able to finish, the guy starts yelling at me “What, you don’t think I was effected by Sandy too?” I’m like ,”Easy guy, I am not here to fight you. If the building gets built, of course I want you to get the job, but we just want them to pay their fair share. That’s it.” Luckily a few other residents joined in and agreed. The guy gave me a really mean look, mumbled something and walked away.

What pisses me off is this: I don’t think this guy had any clue why we were there. Plus it’s bizarre seeing union members side with a multi-million dollar company instead of mostly-middleclass residents. I guess this is how the rich get richer. They trick people.

Anyway, to update a post I did yesterday, they finally called my name at 11:45pm! I was gone for several hours by then. Crazy how long this meeting went, but I am so glad many residents got to voice themselves.

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