Letter to the IDA from a resident

Dear Mr Kearney,
I hope you and your colleagues will disregard the absolutely disgraceful attempt of organized labor to deny the legitimate voice of the taxpaying, long-suffering citizens of the City of Long Beach last night. Citizens had to stand outside in the wind and rain AND THEY DID, because of what was obviously a premeditated effort to keep them from being heard. Of course, this was a futile effort by foolish people as no-one with a smart phone is ever going to be without a voice. My husband and I, my neighbors and all my friends who live in the City of Long Beach vehemently oppose the tax break sought by the 5 billion dollar company, iStar. This city has been through enough since Hurricane Sandy; please do not be a party to yet another bureaucratic abuse.
Thank you for your attention and consideration
[Name Withheld]
Long Beach, NY

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