Long Beach, NY (not California) is #1 in “The 10 Most Important Waves In America” according to Surfing Magazine

Long Beach, New York
It’s the best wave close to the most important city in the world. Balaram Stack. Leif Engstrom. Will Skudin. If you like big cities and hypothermia, you’ll love Long Beach. Situated just one hour from The Big Apple, the south-facing beaches of #LongBeachNYnotCA turn most wintertime swells into a teepee-filled tube fest. Summer is mostly flat, but certain hurricane swells ignite the barrier island. Remember the Quik Pro New York in 2011? They definitely got lucky with the conditions, but that’s an example of the quality that Long Beach can produce.

Read more at http://www.surfingmagazine.com/originals/the-10-most-important-waves-in-america/#dou0KlVvJH274ZI4.99

I think I took this photo during the Quiksilver Pro. Long Beach, NY

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