The Codfish Cowboy and the West End: “We’re on our way to summer! WooHoo!!!” Written by Lynn

A resident named Lynn sent this in, reflexing what a magical day we had this past Sunday in Long Beach:

“Hi Anthony! We went over to Beech today (Sunday) to visit a brand new retail shop which just opened yesterday. It’s a magical little store between Rose&Eye and The Dough Hut, chock full of artistic and trendy gift items, Long Beach collectibles, kids clothes and toys, kitchen ware, art work and on and on…. I had a great time shopping there and encourage everyone to visit ASAP. It was really neat to see hundreds of people out in the West End today. The restaurants were full of brunchers and countless young families were walking on Beech with kids, strollers and dogs. I really feel the weather has made its turn and we’re on our way to summer! WooHoo!!!

By the way, The Codfish Cowboy is now open! Check them out:

The Codfish Cowboy
(891 W. Beech Street, LBNY 11561)

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