REPORT: It’s a dog eat dog world at the local dog parks. Are more regulations needed? [OPINION]

A local dog walker is calling for better regulations at our local dog parks  (LB & Nickerson Beach):

“In the last month, I’ve had at least 4 clients dogs, and my own seriously injured by vicious dogs at both parks. A dog needed multiple stitches and a drainage tube. One local dog walker brings her clients dogs every day and one attacked my dog. Also, they are working on renovating the new one [in Long Beach] and this worries me with no regulations at all.

I don’t have a dog, so I don’t know what goes on at these parks, but this resident wants them better controlled with either volunteers or distractions for the dogs, such as water sprays, etc.

Has anybody had similar experiences at these parks? If so, what do you think should be done?

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