RFP for High Density Parking Pilot [opinion]

Project 11561 brought up the High Density Parking Pilot RFP, which the city recently released. Here is my take:

When Jack first became City Manager, he asked me and a bunch of other residents to form a committee that would address issues in Long beach, including beautification, improving the downtowns, etc. Parking was the one big issue we really concentrated on. One idea was to utilize the parking garage at the LIRR station during the summer days and nights for a valet program. I really liked that idea. Well… that big storm named Sandy happened and you know the rest.. the city had other things to deal with.

Here we are years later and it looks like LB wants to address parking with a High Density Parking Pilot.

“whereby the vendor would install, maintain and operate such a high density parking system in the municipal lots currently owned and/or operated by the City which the City deems feasible.”

Are the municipal lots big enough? Where else would this type of lot fit? Stop & Shop? That’s kinda like a municipal lot, right? Paid parking is really a great way to deal with parking because there are those who will pay for convenience, plus it would bring in some extra $ for the city. I would rather the city charge people for parking than to raise beach fees across the board. What do you folks think?

“The City is desirous of addressing the parking needs of the residents and visitors alike within its boundaries. As a result, the City is seeking to cause a PILOT PROGRAM for the design, installation and operation of a high density parking system to be installed and operated at one (1) of its municipal parking lots at no cost to the City for a period of six (6) months to commence approximately on or before July 1, 2016…”

Read more here: PILOT PROGRAM – High Density Parking System – The City of Long Beach, New York

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