Bye bye, cancer sticks. No smoking on beach, boardwalk & parks in LB.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.48.55 PMNow I don’t have to breathe in your filth, plus our beach will no longer be an ashtray. I read the comments. I know some of you wonder why folks like me don’t simply move away from smokers. That is not easy when you are in your spot FIRST and you’re there with KIDS and a million items, only to have some person sit next to you and lite up.

The petition was started on this blog back in November [See –PETITION: BAN SMOKING IN LONG BEACH PARKS, THE BOARDWALK, BEACH, AND KENNEDY PLAZA]. Long Beach responded.

Tomorrow we the people should start a new petition DEMANDING milk and cookies every Sunday morning. Long Beach, are you listening? Milk and cookies on Sundays.

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