East End Curb Painting Concludes this Wednesday at 9am @ Walnut & Magnolia corner

This will be our 3rd curb bombing session! We are painting center mall curb ends. All materials will be on scene for volunteers – just show up with sleeves rolled up and comfy clothes for funny squatting positions 🙂

Meet-up 9AM SHARP at the corner of Walnut and Magnolia Blvd. This will take approximately 2 hours total. If weather is not cooperative then we’ll reschedule ahead of time.

This project is cohosted by: Eastholme Civic Association, Long Beach Streets, SeabytheCity.com and D.O.M.C. with the nod of approval from the LBPD and the City of LB.

See: Volunteer Curb Painting, Part 3Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.00.10 AM


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