10 Million Dollar Grant. No soup for Long Beach!

Remember that huge 10 million dollar downtown grant I mentioned on the blog a few months ago? [see: huge grant].  Well, Long Beach isn’t getting it:

NEWSDAY: Cuomo visits Westbury after awarding grants in other communities

I actually have no idea if Long Beach even applied, but it’s a huge loss for us as far as I’m concerned. We could have really used the money. I will say Westbury has made major improvements to Post Avenue and it’s paying off. They just got a new coffee shop [Nana’s Ice Cream and Coffee House] that serves Gentle Brew Coffee, a new Hawaiian ice place just opened up and of course they have The Space.  Post Avenue is starting to remind me of a smaller version of Bell Blvd in Bayside: LIRR, diversity, apartments and a thriving downtown. Not bad for a street that was pretty much dead 10+ years ago.

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