it’s the most dangerous time of the year, for cyclists

Courtesy of the Long Beach Professional Fire Fighters

Lots of bicycle-related accidents happening. The accident above happened on E. Broadway, photo was shared on facebook by the Long Beach Professional Fire Fighters

I was also talking to Allison of Long Beach Streets, who was also hit by a car by Roosevelt and E. Park. She described driver as being ‘hostile and impatient’.’  There is actually a lot more to this story that you can read at Long Beach Streets on Facebook.

Both cyclists are ok, but please be careful out there. I don’t know what happened with the E. Broadway incident, but before somebody says it’s the cyclists fault,  I do know Allison. She obeys traffic laws and actually teaches traffic/riding safety to kids at our schools. She is the real deal. If she can get hit, then our streets are really messed up.

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