Star Wars: The Force Awakens this Saturday night. [SPOILERS IN THIS POST]

starwarsAfter this Saturday, we get to debate the following: [MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW]:

  • Is Supreme Leader Snoke actually Darth Plagueis? They are both referred to as being wise. Keep the following in mind: Darth Plagueis figured out a way to manipulate the force in bringing dead back to life. Perhaps he did this to himself?That would explain Snoke’s gruesome appearance. Also, in Episode III when Emperor Palpatine is telling Anakin the story of ‘Darth Plagueis The Wise,’ the same exact music is being played during the Snoke scenes in Episode VII. Something to think about.
  • Is Rey a Skywalker? No, and she isn’t a Solo either. Part of me hopes she’s just random character strong with the force, but her vision had lots of Kenobi-whispers, so perhaps she is related to Ben? No, she is not related to Ben.
  • Is Rey a Palpatine? Yes, I truly believe she is. 1) They’re both the only ones who attack with a stabby, forward motion. Rey even makes the same face as Palpantine when she attacks. 2) When filming the movie, Daisy Ridley was told to keep her British accent while John Boyega was told to lose his. Who else has a British accent in Star Wars movies? Emperor Palpatine. 3) The movies were always about a Skywalker Vs. [a] Palpatine. It would be kinda awesome to see the Palpatine on the light side this time. That makes a much better story than Rey just being related to Luke. BORING!
  • Why the hell did Leia and Han name their child Ben? As far as I know, Leia never even met Kenobi. Han’s relationship with Ben was… well, really nothing special at all.

I could go on and on about this stuff. Anybody else got any good SW theories?

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