Long Beach Comprehensive Plan/ LWRP [notes, opinions, ideas, concepts]

The Long Beach Comprehensive Plan/ LWRP.

I went to the North Park meeting, took some photos and mental notes. Looking at the images below, please don’t think this is exactly what Long Beach will look like in the next 30 years. Some of these ideas are very ambitious and creative, but they are merely just concepts and guidelines. It appears that Long Beach is creating a new masterplan, utilizing input for various measures that include zoning principles, sustainability and future-concept.

I know some of you hate his stuff because you are worried about parking. If that’s you, stop reading now. This post is not for you.

So here are some photos, some notes and some thoughts.

(click image for a larger view)

Above is a concept for central Long Beach. Part of this idea includes moving the Recreation Center and Ice Arena to where City Hall/ Kennedy Plaza currently resides. Main reason: to get more people to use the Rec/Ice Arena. This concept frees up space on the bay that could be used for bay-view apartments, marina, etc.

I am kinda mixed on this idea. I wonder if apartments by the LIRR makes more sense, smart development-wise. The city wants to create better access. I do get the concept. My nephew who lives in another part of Long Island came to Long Beach to play hockey. That included parking in the lot, playing hockey, getting back in the car and driving home. If the ice arena was in the center of town, it could get people like my nephew to actually stay a little longer to shop and eat here. Believe it or not, but lots of people come to Long Beach to use our ice arena.

Moving the rec and ice arena is a tough sell, being that these two buildings already exist. The reality is, they should have been built in the center of town to begin with. Ditto with the Hospital.

Moving City Hall to the city-owned Stop & Shop center is interesting because it still incorporates the supermarket, but on the street side with parking in the rear. There would also be a ‘music venue’ type space for outdoor concerts in the plaza/grass area. I hate that shopping center, so any plan that involves redeveloping it is fine by me.

(click image for a larger view)

Photo above is north of North Park. This includes a marina, apartments, some retail and a park along the bay with storm protection features. Currently this bayfront is a disaster (see my old photos from 2011, but it still kinda looks this way). I like marinas, but I wonder how tall boats will fare being sandwiched between two bridges.

If you zoom in on the bottom left of the photo, you will see this:

(click image for a larger view)

I love this. A bridge that connects two sections of Long Beach by extending over the LIRR. I love this concept photo. I love this design. Who created this image? I want to buy you a sandwich and shake your hand. I guess the blue circle in the middle is the water treatment plant. Yummy!

(click image for a larger view)

Now this photo above depicts another marina. This would be off Magnolia Blvd where the current fishing pier resides. I see a kayak, so that’s good news for those who want to put a vessel in the water that doesn’t have a motor. I don’t eat fish, but I love to fish. I want to ride my bike to a party boat. We live on a barrier island. It’s almost embarrassing how we don’t have a proper marina.

(click image for a larger view)

BEACH SIDE. This last image expands on a concept that I saw last year. This is the foundation block [between edwards, riverside and broadway]. This concept includes parking, grass, residential and commercial. It’s a good concept, especially if you consider potential alternatives [tall buildings, anyone?]. I mean, the city is proposing a grass field with parking. How can you complain about that? Isn’t that pretty much what most of you want anyway?

That’s a wrap. If you want more info, visit Comprehensive Plan/ LWRP @ Long Beach Listens