RUMORS: What’s going on with the Superblock? It’s been de-weeded. Is it a sign or just upkeep?


A keen-eyed observer sent me in the following:

“Came home today [Wednesday] and saw the iStar lot has been de-weeded. Good will gesture or think they’re gonna start something??Hate to say it but i actually think it looks better w the weeds rather than just dirt and rocks. I’ll keep you posted if I see more movement.

 iStar has been busy since they were denied the abatement from the IDA. I wonder what’s going on…  Is it a sign or just upkeep?
I speculated before, but it’s fun to revisit the speculation: Do they can sell the property with the development rights? Do they build anyway? Is it possible at all for them to ask for more height to make the project profitable for their stock holders? Or, do they just leave the lot vacant, something many of the superblock-neighbors would absolutely love.

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